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  • Yes, totally needs credits

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  • When the game is finished I demand credits

    4 25.00%
  • wtf are credits

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    Should wow have end boss credits?

    Short and simple?

    After you kill the last boss of the tier should there be scrolling credits (that you can skip ofc) transparent ofc.. so you can see who was a part of that raid. at current we have no clue who did what or how many people it took to bring a raid together.

    People who work for blizzard can't really say to their next employee they worked for blizzard as their is no in game proof.

    What is your view? end of the expansion after you kill the last boss or for every raid at the end of the raid? this lists everyone working for Blizzard but it does not for example, who voiced thunder bluff npc #23 or w/e

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    Voted 3 and not 1 on the grounds that, if we fight, say, Sargeras as the final boss of the entire game, I'd like to see credits after a cinematic. Gives a good deal of closure.
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    Credits are on the main screen and there for whomever wants to click it pointless to include it after end boss kill. ( IMHO )
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    There are credits for every expansion, you can acces them via the game menu at the character selection screen and the login screen.
    They just don't show up whenever you kill a certain boss or w/e, most people would find that annoying anyway.

    Also it doesn't really matter who worked on what piece to the audience, the artists usually have a portfolio website and since these people work together it's pretty much guaranteed they won't show off with each others work, unless they want to get into trouble.

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