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    Can you solo Spirit of the Storm Lord?

    I'm having one bitch of a time doing this stupid quest so I can finally get my legendary meta & cloak (eventually). Is there a way you can solo this as a priest & if so how (spec/talents/etc)?

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    The easiest way will be to look at oQueue and join a group that's hitting the old bosses for the chance at the mounts.

    Barring that, you might still be able to fade the aggro from him onto the guards next to the raid portal (might need dispersion to make it to them, I haven't gotten that far on my priest alt, so this is speculation).

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    any spell that drops threat (vanish / Feign death) etc will let you aggro the boss, toss the spear, and then "lose" the boss after the add has spawned and started chasing you.

    Not sure if priests have any spells that effectively dump all threat (shadow might have something, not sure).

    As a priest, your best option might be to spec into anything that gives you a movement speed boost (angelic feather thing? / body and soul), and try to aggro the boss, toss the spear, get the add on you, then pop dispersion + speed boost and book it far enough away that the boss resets. I have heard it is possible to get the guards near the ToT raid portal to aggro the boss, which might be an option if you can survive long enough to get the boss stuck on the guards and kite the add away.

    of course, easiest way is just to probably put together a quick pug for world bosses, and knock it out while the raid rapes his face.

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    Honestly, as a lock, I just pulled him and ran to the guards that stand outside of ToT and let them deal with him.

    After that point it's just a matter of running the wind elemental around until the channel finishes and presto.

    I definitely didn't kill Nalak, and from memory I didn't drop my agro either.

    Otherwise yeah, oqueue might be your best bet. Goodluck!

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    Priests can just pull the boss with the spear and spectral guise and the boss will despawn leaving the add.

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    Another easy way would be to get a friendly tank to keep him off you for a bit. A semi-geared tank can quite easily survive Nalak for a while.

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    You can also just have a tank pull him and survive long enough for you to kite the add to death. The boss does not have to die for you to get the completion credit.

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    hit Nalak once with a low damage spell.
    Kite to the entrance of TOT and let the NPCS pick him up net him etc.
    Use the spear &Kill the add
    Run away, Job done.
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    Pull, use Spectal Guise, kite add while boss resets.
    Don't run towards ToT as the guards over there are likely to attack you if you do.
    (They are only there to keep people from fending off gankers anyway.)

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    Throw the Spear, Shadowfiend or Mindbender, and Spectral Guise and run.

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    Quote Originally Posted by muto View Post
    Throw the Spear, Shadowfiend or Mindbender, and Spectral Guise and run.
    This, and also it becomes trivial if you go disc or holy. You can keep yourself up the time required easily in a healing spec.

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    Where do I get oQueue from? Curse doesn't have it

    - - - Updated - - -

    NM I just found it. I am always leery about installing stuff from sites that aren't curse.com

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    you might want to look it up on youtube, a simple video shows you where you need to stand and what to do, where to run.

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    I did this last night, the quest item has a really large range (further than your spells!), I stood really close to the ToT entrance, used the spear, and just kinda backed up into that room. The guards held Nalak for a few seconds and the Spirit thing just slowly slowly moved towards me, losing tons of HP, by the time it was even within range of my spells it died.

    I didn't cast a single spell, just the spear to pull Nalak and that's it. No need to overcomplicate things.
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    Been a while now so my memory is a bit foggy but I did it with Fiend/Spectral Guise too.
    I remember it taking me a couple of attempts to get it right but it's nothing too complicated really.

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