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    Friend Requesting to Trash Talk

    Is this a new thing? Friend requesting the opposing faction to trash talk them in the request window message. It's happening A LOT lately in my experience.
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    Killed a blood elf hunter in the alliance shrine the other day, he kept sending friend requests and the message in it just said "GTFO" everytime. Whether it's a new trend or not, I can't say, but I found it hilarious.
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    Why complain? Just accept it, give a witty response to their complaints, and unfriend them? Chances are if they're Friending you to bitch, they're probably mad that you killed them, seems like a good source of entertainment imho.

    And yes, I've had it happen, I'm glad it's possible.

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    I get more of those for spam than anything. It'll usually be a friend request from one of those random-string names like qhkjdjhqre then "GO HERE TO BUY WOW GOLD CHEAP!!!!" I usually just hit the Report Spam button and move on.

    I don't think I've ever had that happen in a PvP situation though. More often than not, if people want to trash talk, they just roll level 1 characters on my faction and start whispering me. I used to use a mod that'd automatically ignore anyone under level 10 for that reason.
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    Yep. Since Blizzard refuse to allow cross-faction communication, this is the only way players have to communicate.

    Say for example I'm in Hellfire and I'm leveling up (Lol no, that would be stupid, but bear with me) and some 90 comes along and kills me. Okay, fine, no problem. Say this happens 4-5 times and I think "Right, I'll have him on my main". I then bring my main to get to him but lo and behold he's flying 1000 ft in the air and refuses to come down because he knows he's fucked if he does.

    I then proceed to add him to battle.net with a message like "So, I take your a <1k player who can't kill anyone their own level?" or whatever. If he accepts, he usually comes back with "lol scrub l2p" or whatever other childish retort they conjure up first. I also use this to take the piss out of really bad players, like for example I landed on TI the other day on an undergeared alt. Some Bloody Coin farmer was ganking and eventually he came to me, yet he had to blow every CD he had (Rogue, LOLOLOLOL) to bring down my Shaman. Not once did he disarm, stun or silence me and while I got him low, he was carried by gear in the end. I then messaged him with "If you're going to be a Bloody Coin Farmer, at least be decent at it". This was followed up with "lol i owned you". I quoted that back at him when I brought my main and just wrecked him.
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    I wish they'd lift the language barrier on RP servers just to pander to the niche who appreciate it.
    Or even implement a mechanic vanilla implied over learned languages, though there was no language barrier beyond archaic battle cries in the 3 RTS games.
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    Not like they haven't been going on a level 1 opposing faction toon and talking shit since wrath on pvp servers and since classic on pve ones. This is just more creative I guess.

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    Accept the requests and don't stop talking to them. They will get bored after 2 minutes where as you can have hours of fun until they log off or ignore / block you.

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    Sadly, this is a common thing. And though we thought there was no limits on blocking players... Well, Real ID has a limited blocking of ID's. A flaw that they need to review.
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