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    Quote Originally Posted by Keosen View Post
    How did you checked that?
    I went to debuffs gained by friendly and checked amount of Weakened Resolve and split it in ten. Then I got 3.6 and mistyped the result in my post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vargur View Post
    It's no shame in calling it quits if you can't do it at max level gear of the current expansion. I think it was designed for 510 or so, and your raid's DPS is at 530-540 level.
    I doubt even the best players in the world could down it with 510 item level.

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    How did you checked that?
    Not sure about this warcraft logs thing, but you can easily check it in WoL by clicking on the player, going into buffs cast pane and looking for "Weakened Resolve" debuff. Click # to see when people soaked.
    After 5:55 min everyone should be able to have soaked 5 rifts, yet your average is at 3.5.
    In fact, its not required to have 100% uptime on debuff, we had 3 ppl with 75%+ uptime (me, our hunter and warr tank) and others with mostly 45-50% (melees and healers), and it was ok even with 5 dps, no one got near 100 before 30% and reset.

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    First to set things up. Prisons. Assign people to the prisons. We have tanks deal with front lock on both prisons. This means the tanks aren't on the same one, they are set up diagonal from each other. This allows our DK tank to death grip and round up all the reflections a lot easier. This also allows the tanks to get both front locks every time.

    Group 1: tank, healer, 3 dps will get Main tank back lock
    Group 2: tank, healer, 3 dps will get OT back lock

    This means everytime there is a prison there is someone completely accountable for not getting who ever out of the prison. EVEN if two DPS get locked into a prison from the same group there is still one person that can get them out.

    Mark the four corners of the room. This makes callouts easier. Who ever is banished will ALWAYS call their name, and where they were located. ie: Defaulty left side near green.

    I know warlocks best so I'm just going to look at what your lock can do better. Please forward this post to him so he can see what I have to say.

    Your lock should lay down a gateway to the back lock of the maintank. He should also put up a personal portal to the back of his assigned group lock. He needs to take the Sacraficial Pact talent and whenever he is in the prison to pop this CD. Its on 1 minute and it gives him a 400% shield EVEN when in the prison EXTREMELY useful for when you have Mark of Arrogance and in the prison.

    Your lock should use his Imp (I personally sacrafice my imp) This gives him a 10 second Dispell CD that will remove mark of arrogance every time he gets it immediately WITHOUT gaining any pride.

    Here's a comparison of your lock vs me on that debuff.
    Garp's log

    My Log

    (Click on the Dispels) You'll notice that Garp has taken a shit ton of damage from Mark when there is no reason to. Notice how the debuff doesn't even last more than 2 seconds on me and I am able to get every dispel on myself.

    I hope this helps your raid team. Even one person playing better can help carry the weight of the others. Use weakauras. There is no reason why you can't use the tools of addons. It's ignorant to not use weakaruas and be prepared. Turn off Warnings in DBM that you don't need to know. IE: A ranged DPS doesn't need to know when the tank is going to get another stack of XYZ debuff and have a giant warning in his face about it.

    The players learn how to tune out of the DBM warnings and no longer pay attention to them then it because useless. Might as well uninstall the addon.

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    While that is a pretty detailed analysis, the topic creator killed it already.

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    It's all about the rift soaking.

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