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    A troublesome situation, need help ^^

    So this is my first post in this forum, I usually check a few things for some games here and I really like it .

    Anyway, I'm a Diablo 3 player and last year, Blizzard gave me WoW The Battlechest with a 30 days free, I leveled up to 80 and stopped there.

    Now Cataclysm has been added to The Battlechest, which makes me able to level up to 85 now, so Today I downloaded wow again and activated MOP 10 days Trial, right now I'm level 82 and, I got a friend who's playing WoW for 9 years I belive now, we made a deal : he'd pay up my monthly sub if I get him 10k gold.

    Well I really have no clue what he can buy in WoW with gold since most of the items are BOP so I accepted his deal because I thought it was a good one for sure :P but I never thought it would be difficult with this restriction, I'm not able to lvl up to 86 or more so getting gold is kinda hard :P.

    Do you guys have any suggestion what I can farm at my current lvl (82, or 85 soon), a thing that could get me those 10k gold ?

    Thanks ! Have a nice day and thanks for reading!

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    Farm up profession materials and sell them on the auction house. Check AH before hand to see what is selling well before you decide to commit to a particular gathering profession.

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    At your level? Likely Embersilk and Elementium for profession boosting by other players.
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    Crafting mats. Transmog gear (BoE gear with nice skin) etc

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    Thank you all for your answers .
    I tried Embersilk, but seems like they are not selling that much in my server, I started an auction 3 hours ago none bought them yet although am selling them even cheaper than the ones in AH.
    As for Elementium I really don't know if I have enough time to level up minning, its still lvl 0 atm xD.
    Ilir could you give me a few names of those items if possible please :P ? for now I'll try to level up my minning and we'll see ^^.

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