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    H Garrosh

    Starting H Garrosh progression next week and was looking for any tips. I currently am playing Frost and keep up with the other fire mages just fine on other H fights, but I've heard whispers Fire is the way to go for garrosh. Any suggestions would be much appreciated as far as spec, tips..etc

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    You can play it fine as frost but fire will do more P1 add damage and have better burst on the pull / P3, frost will do more damage in transitions if played properly and have about the same overall damage sustained.

    Play the spec you're better at. I've been helping our 10-man secondary raid kill garrosh on my mage and the only class that consistently does more damage to garrosh than I can as frost is a windwalker monk, who should.

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    Frost will be fine, Ive found arcane to be really good on this fight as well. Anyways as for tips:
    1.) A lot of wipes will be during transitions (Jade Serpent Temple, and Terrace) Frost is much better than fire for those. Getting through those consistently requires you do do a lot of damage VERY quickly, and mages are pretty bad in those situations in general

    2.) when going into the first transition, save ur fingers of frost procs, and Brain Freeze procs, so you can unleash hell instantly.

    3.) CCs and stuns are good throughout the fight, so once again Frost is pretty Good.

    4.) umm if your group wants to kill weapons, but not dedicate a lot of focus to them, you can park your Elemental on those weapons.

    5.) keep in mind you can Deep Freeze Stun an Add if necessary in Jade Serpent Temple room

    The reason I keep mentioning Terrace and Jade Serpent is because after ironing out a few kinks in the overall strategy, phase 1,2,and 3 are pretty straightforward and you can generally do those pretty consistently. So put in your wipes for learning those phases as a group, then you'll be fine. Just work on getting those transitions done consistently.

    Hope this helps

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    Well it's hard to believe someone lacking the basics of forum searching is performing enough to be on H Garrosh.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Psychokwak View Post
    Well it's hard to believe someone lacking the basics of forum searching is performing enough to be on H Garrosh.



    Its hard to believe someone condescending doesnt check the threads he links. The first having nothing to do with HC Garrosh and the second only saying some minor tips about fire, when he is looking tips in general for his frost spec also.

    Side note if your gonna link stuff to be helpful you dont have to be a git about it.

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    but I've heard whispers Fire is the way to go for garrosh. Any suggestions would be much appreciated as far as spec, tips..etc
    You're absolutely right, there's nothing on Garrosh in the first thread linked and no mention of switching to Fire spec in the first and following posts.
    There was no point in searching and continuing previous post, I'm such a gitty-goat

    Since you're so right and since I'm not looking for a forum war (you know, better things to do), thanks to you for saving the day.

    Shouldn't have touched that with a ten-feet pole...
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    Go into the first transition with FoF if possible but definitely have 5 icicles as this is a ton of stored damage and is what frost's mastery is actually meant to be good for. We 1-healed so we'd get the second wave of adds then push the boss into the RP before the second engineer, so as soon as he went to full HP I'd orb onto the adds and put ~6-7M damage into him with ice lance spam before saving two FoF, building 5 icicles and heading into the transition. Most guilds don't do this so you'll get two orbs in P1 and depending on your damage you'll either get an orb for transition adds, or an orb for the boss as soon as he's attackable.

    I don't orb the first transition adds. They aren't rootable so you can't shatter them and they shouldn't live the 10 seconds orb lasts. You can orb them if you're learning the phase and having difficulty killing them, but you really shouldn't depend on using it for them. Instead you go into the transition with FoF / 5 icicles, deep your specific add, then dump ice lances into it to dump the stored icicles, then CS it after the deep wears off. You then have orb for the boss where it's much more important as boss damage is what matters in the long run.

    Second transition is AFKed by a lot of guilds but if you're not AFKing it, frost demolishes the adds there with orb + frost nova + blizzard + pet nova shatter. No point saving icicles or procs for this transition so you should dump them all into the boss beforehand, even if you have to non-FoF IL to dump your stored icicles into the boss before he goes immune.

    You are also good for killing the first desecrated weapon in P1 if your guild is dropping it on top of the boss. I soloed it in our 10-man as orb gives you infinite procs with the adds up and you have all trinket procs plus icy veins and alter time available.

    The empowered whirl adds are stunnable but not rootable. Save an FoF for when they spawn if you're killing them (generally on 10-man) so you can deep your own add and kill it where it spawns so it doesn't die on top of other adds.

    Rest of the fight aspects are the same regardless of spec, other than arcane being decent at dotting desecrated weapons (assuming you kill any) to fish for missiles procs, as frost / fire you shouldn't be wasting the GCD dotting them, let warlocks or shadow priests kill them.
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    Appreciate all the info, I've never been one to post in the forum realm I've always just read them. But thanks to all who responded you have definitely answered all my major questions.

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