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    People talk like "World PvP" is some sort of goal or achievement.

    How many people actually want World PvP?
    I sure don't, it was annoying in Classic and in BC. Leveling up in the town that was always under attack was annoying. Plus the massive lag that came along with it. Having to run to another town that was at your level range was a pain too. I like encounters in the world where you can kill fellow players, but my goodness logging on when the quest hub you're at is under attack? Not fun.
    I didn't raid (young age, school, typical thing) so the next thing for me was to level up the characters I wanted to 60 instead.

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    I don't see how meaningful world PVP would be encouraged if faction leaders gave loot. All it would accomplish is faction leaders being constantly camped and farmed, similar to how world bosses are now. World PVP would remain unchanged because there would likely emerge a complacency where the defending factions never actually defends anything, just lets the enemy team in there to do their thing and leave, since it wouldn't actually negatively impact anyone or anything. Max level characters (the only ones that are actually relevant in world PvP) that are hanging out in their own cities, are usually doing so because they don't want to partake in combat content at that very moment, so I don't really believe that they would suddenly mobilize to tackle an enemy raid group that is only there for loot and isn't threatening them personally.

    I look at the current state of world PVP, and how toxic it is, and how so much of it is relying on someone deriving fun by depriving someone else of theirs. Dark Portal/Outland/Hyjal are very clear examples of this. Quite frankly, World PvP thrived back then, because the game was still new. People were less bored, populations were much lower, and things like griefing, while still absolutely existing, took place to a lesser magnitude than they do today. That's not something that will be fixed by some patch notes, unless those patch notes function to actually restrict world PvP, which might actually be called for at this point. It's an aspect of the game that's very difficult to view favorably as it stands today, and the people who wish to revitalize it, are hoping to relive the game as it was 8 years ago.

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    I could maybe see getting conquest from killing the leaders.
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    Just wanted to share this video:
    This guys feels exactly what I feel about world pvp....he even uses funny trinkets just to mess around (summons 4 little gnomes lol).
    Its the concept of creating your own little adventure ^^
    min 1:15

    Is stuff like this that makes me love WPvP so much man ^^

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    I kinda like the idea. Especially if the loot is also for pve. I'd grind it every week.
    However the faction leaders are too boring already. There could be a call to arms daily quest (maybe with chance on loot weekly) which draws our attention to some part of the world. One small ally town and a small horde town. One quest to defeat it, one quest to perform some activities defending. Actual result should matter. if you collect 100 supplies to defend, you still should win to get a decent reward. with a small second prize for loozing.
    oh now i want it too much -.-

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    I dont like to waste my time with no brainers, but in this case i will.

    We dont need any rocket scientist to create a new ubber huge mechanics, just bring back the old HIGH WARLORD thing which they killed to promote this failed, crappy arena.

    Give world pvping a meaning, ppl talk world pvp like it's a huge thing, it's not, it's only about pvping while in open world cuz it matters, contrary to the current state of the game where pvping while questing is just a waste of time.

    But so many new players, ppl dont really know the old rank system, which is, by the way, the only reason ppl fought so hard in AV.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vyrd View Post
    they should make pvp gear and pve gear have the same item level.

    heroic gear=same item level as 2200+ pvp gear.
    normal raid gear=same as current season conquest gear
    flex=previous seasons honor gear
    lfr=crafted gear
    lol yeah, I will agree to that as soon as they put that raid gear on a vendor, make it purchasable with valor, and up the valor for each "kill" in a Dungeon/Raid. PvP gear has a lower iLvL because it is MUCH easier to obtain.

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