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    I get mad when people pointing out the flaws in others use "u"
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    You're talking about the calls for customised garrisons for every race right? Well think about how much art goes into each one, it really is the equivalent of a raid or dungeon or other instance.

    So no it doesn't make me rage, because it makes fucking sense.

    Would you prefer they didn't tell us? And do something like they did with DS where they took a lot of art resources to make the Hour of Twilight dungeons, which meant that DS was short and had to reuse several existing environments and models? And then just not explain why? Because that went down a treat in Cata.
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    Look Batman really isn't an accurate source by any means
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    It is a fact, not just something I made up.

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    " same resources [...] less content for those other parts of the game"

    Have u noticed how blizzard uses this at every single occasion? Doesnt it make u rage on how immature it is?

    Any other company that has a set in stone date when they have to deliver thier products and lacks the resources to do it, does 1 of those 2:
    1) notice thier client that this is impossible to do in this period of time. (setting new dates or loosing a client, depends how much the client is determinated about the dates)
    2) hire more manpower to meet the requirements (keeps the client happy, generates lower income)

    And what does blizz do in those situations?
    "less content for those other parts of the game" = reduces the quality of the product, making it even more meh, this avoids them loosing the income value at the end, trying to milk the client while giving him some lame excusses.
    There are many ppl that are looking for employment, talented, could do the job well. But taking them would mean less $$$ for blizzard (higher quality of product in this case means nothing).

    Knowing those simple facts, i just boil inside everytime i see "less content for those other parts of the game (due to lack of resources)". Anyone working for more then 2 years already knows how things are on the jobsmarket, so who are they trying to fool? do they rly think that most of thier clients are teenagers?

    Simple rule of thumb, everything can be done with 3 possiblities : done good, done fast, done cheap. But i should know that its always only 2 options out of 3 at same time. Above translates to blizzards line of production : done fast + done cheap = wont be good. (just take d3 as example).
    Would u rather like the combo of "done fast + done good = wont be cheap"? (leaving the "overprice topic" alone)
    Just going to throw this out there... You see Blizzard give this reason often when the players ask for something. For example... this reason was given in response to people asking for race specific Garrison buildings...

    What if Blizzard doesn't actually have a resource issue... what if Blizzard is telling you, in a nice way, to fuck off? Meaning... they don't actually want to do what the community is suggesting. But for PR reasons... they can't actually say "fuck off". This could be their nice way of telling us that they have a direction for the game and they aren't going to implement everything the community wants to see in it.

    Ponder that one for a moment. I'll wait for ya

    Oh and I almost forgot to actually address what I feel when I see a response like that. I feel giddy... because I know this particular reason pisses people off to no end. Coming from the games industry (where I have been for the last 15 years... places like Arenanet, Microsoft, EA and the like) I feel like I have a better understanding of the "excuse" than the average joe. You know, because I have seen that same answer used many, and I mean many, other times...
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    These threads always amuse me.

    If you haven't worked in software development perhaps you don't understand that hiring a new developer for the team is not quite a simple as hiring a new cashier at McDonalds or 7-11.

    A bad hire hurts the whole team, sometimes for months, before the person can be let go or perhaps moved to a position that better fits them, this is why the best strategy is to favor being careful when hiring people. In this context you can assume careful implies slow.

    A good hire will almost always impact the team for a bit as well. No matter how experienced a person is it will still take some time for them to learn the Blizzard way of doing things and to build relationships and trust with other team members. This is an acceptable cost because if they truly are a good hire they will bring more productivity in the long run.

    So, based on this you can infer that throwing outside hires at a problem will in the best case slow down productivity for a short time before recovering and increasing, and in the worst case slow down productivity even more with a longer recovery and no increase. Even shuffling around people that are doing something different at the company has some cost since they will still need to get up to speed, although it's possible this cost will be minimal as they probably already know some of the people on the team and it's likely that most procedures are similar.

    The other common misconception is that throwing more people at a problem delivers a linear increase in productivity. It doesn't, and the more people you have involved the less the increase is for each new person added. An example that's thrown around is that one woman can make a baby in 9 months, so why can't 9 women make a baby in one month? If you are interested in reading about this you should check out The Mythical Man Month by Fred Brooks.

    TL;DR - Lack of resources is a real thing whether you like it or not.

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