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    Quote Originally Posted by Northem View Post
    transmogable white-quality items now!!!
    that i agree with.
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    People are complaining that everyone is wearing legendary cloaks so they should be able to mog all legendaries but I think that's a false equivalency. Cloaks were designed with the knowledge that a great number of people were going to have them whereas most of the other legendaries were designed in a way that they were meant to be rare at the time they were current (ie: in vanilla it was a big deal if someone had Thunderfury, BC was a big deal if people had glaives). But now it's generally easier to get the old legendaries expecially considering all the time that has past since. I mean heck I have a wair glaives on my shaman and I almost have sulfuras.

    Now if everyone were to run around with their newly aquired legendary mogs it would diminish some of the value of that particular legendary.
    It's exactly the same as how Blizz removed the mounts and titles from naxx after 3.1 or the way they're doing the ahead of the curve stuff now. They want the legendaries to remain a "badge of accomplishment" from that particular time period

    I know this sounds haughty and sounds like I have special snowflake syndrome (I honestly don't but I see where they're coming from)
    All I'm really trying to say is that just cause everybody has orange cloaks doesn't mean that now everybody should be able to mog legendaries.

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    A badge of accomplishment for what? Everyone can have them but noone can mog them. That doesn't even make remotely sense.

    Also concerning the mounts, yes there have been a very few amount of mounts that have been removed but most of the so hard to get raid mounts are now farmed and used pretty easily.
    Ashes of Alar for exemple?

    So this is just what I am talking about ... blizzard used to have a double standard on those things for no apperent reason.

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    Can I please Transmog Tabards I have Tabard of the Lightbringer which not doubt looks retarded and would love either a option to hide it or transmog it to something else while still being able to use its use. It's been in my bags since Wrath of the Lich King unequipped.

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    Personally, I love having strong restrictions on Transmogs. My main is a mage and I love trying to find weapons that match, the restrictions mean I have to be creative in finding items. I might find a matching dagger to transmog but later I switch my weapon to a sword and then I have to figure something for that. As for transmogging legendaries, it's so boring imo. I see people running around Ogrimmar with Thunderfury equipped, am I supposed to think you are awesome because you solo'd a level 60 raid? People would just transmog legendaries because they believe it looks impressive for some reason, rather than for creative reasons.

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    If they allowed us to MOG legendaries, after maybe the first week or 2, most people wouldn't use them.

    Firstly, there aren't that many ingame and not every class/spec can wield them.
    Secondly, I know people with over 100 Illidan Kills (for example) and haven't seen a Glaive drop. It's not like everyone has them, and unless you're lucky, they still take a bit of farming.
    Thirdly, they don't look "that" good. Most of the easily obtainable ones are way out of date visually, and the more recent ones aren't all that special either.

    I think people just like to get butthurt in all honesty. They might of never even obtained the legendaries when they were current, yet for some reason want to hold onto the nostalgia that they never experienced to begin with.

    I have most Legendaries Banked on a variety of characters, and I can't think of any I'd use for a Mag set. Rags hammer (which you can get from Firelands anyway) would be the only possible one for a Paladin set... but I almost never play Ret anymore (or my pally for that matter).
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    Quote Originally Posted by NuLogic View Post
    Speaking of transmog it would be neat if you could play feral in normal form. In old hillsbrad foothills I was playing as a feral in human form which was neat.
    Which is obviously something that is unintended. How stupid would it be to see troll druids running around mangeling stuff when you only see 2 red striped in the air.. without any animation.

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