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    Tbh, I think they do hear us... bu the issue is the majority of shadow's problem's don't come from shadow... they come from the OVERALL PVP environment created with this expansion. I think the devs were basically put in the spot of, do we nerf shadow and cripple it for the xpac... or do we revamp the whole system for one spec?

    That said, I know exactly what you mean about all the high end pvpers dropping shadow like a bad habit. Shadow was in a worse position, the recent buff to shadowform basically freed up a glyph slot, adding any more armor with the inner fire glyph has somewhat negligible effects due diminishing returns on armor. Again, its somewhat like high end raiders. If you want to compete for the top slot, you don't purposely handicap yourself when there are other classes that can just plain do the job better. However, just because you're competing for top slot doesn't mean shadow is absolute garbage, it just means you have a tougher climb, and won't hit the top with a shadowpriest. It doesn't mean the minute you walk into a battleground or arena you just immediately drop dead. (That's the mentality I'm more against, rather than being against shadow is in a bad position at all) I also think I'm looking at this by comparing shadow in 496 gear three weeks ago compared to now where I sit in my full 522 in the 1400-1600 range in arena. On the other hand, you're comparing arena in 5.0-5.1 to now. So for me, shadow doesn't look as bad as people say, whereas I can understand your viewpoint of shadow being neutered in pvp.

    1) I agree with this description of the current state of PVP, which Blizzard has stated many times was the wrong decision to make. I'm very optimistic with the lines of thought I've seen from Holinka and others about how the stat squish and the like will effect PVP along with CC disarmament and possibly the end of passive, aoe, and spammable CC.

    2) Totally agree with this too. However, I think the reason Blizzard hasn't wanted to touch this is that this is pretty much where they want us to be for WoD... where they want all casters to be. Imagine PVP where frost nova has a 30 sec cd like psychic horror. Tbh, I can't see us losing much CC at all for WoD... considering we have very little to begin with. Tbh, I think the big question will come down to what they do with dispels. I think the difficulty with us doing damage will go away with CC disarmament. I also can understand where Blizzard comes from in giving us anything too good for this xpac at this point... only to take it away when 6.0 launches.

    3) I think the problem here is not dispel mechanics themselves... but that Blizzard was inconsistent with it across the board. I mean, the VT dispel protection isn't on the DR, but the issue is there's just too many ways to remove VT that also avoid the dispel protection. Passive dispels don't proc the deterrent, and there's so many way to make yourself immune to fear/horrify type effects. It would be a totally different game if say our little VT horrify went through effects like cloak of shadows. Whereas locks get a dispel protection that no one has the ability to avoid.

    4) I think this was the thing, before shadow was just too strong, just as now you feel sitting on the shadowpriest is how you beat a shadow team isn't even a choice. In godplay you had to choose between the ice mage, the resto druid, and the shadowpriest. Hit the shadowpriest, and he'll just tank it all (between fade glyph, dispersion, and void shift) as the druid heals and the frost mage tears apart your team 1 by 1. Hit the druid, and he'll tank it all too especially with iceblock from the mage, and even if he does get low, while CC'ed the priest can void shift and lifegrip, letting the druid run off while the mage and priest tears apart the team. The weakest point of the team was the mage, but between void shift and druid cooldowns, even that wasn't an easy fight, plus letting a shadowpriest ramp up at times could be even burstier than even the mage. Plus to complicate the issue was that the main way to beat Godplay was with another priest team to dispel the iceblocks. The comp itself was just too strong, although I still think at this point the big way to kill Godplay was to take away iceblock from the resto druid. However, I believe they went against that decision because druids were low on the representation at the time. And in general, Blizz did overnerf. Rather than waiting 2-3 weeks between each nerf, they did them all within like 3 weeks. The biggest things that had to go where mass dispel glyph, and void shift. If they left the rest in, shadow might be in a much better spot. Although, from what I've read, it seems the devs really didn't want to make the decision to remove Void Shift... and basically made the choice because they felt it was the best alternative to break Godplay.

    5) I agree completely with your statement about the loss of the personal defensive dispel. That was our personal CC removal... taking that away left us completely vulnerable to a number of roots and other nasty effects. However, I think the part that made it particularly bad was that we could dispel others; and the same goes for our healing abilities.

    I think the hardest part of this whole expansion is that shadow is still fun to play... but we're just ok, and pretty much at least slightly sub-par when it comes to every aspect of the game right now.
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    While they is some hope in WoD that we'll be able to cast (and therefore generate shadow Orbs) our mobility is still nonexistant; we'll be again ridiculously easy to shut down. This isn't including our squishiness since the completely unjustified PvP Shadowform nerf; whatever the justification in PvE.

    At least with Clarity of Power we won't have to rely on ridiculously easy to dispel dots we have no protection on. Silver lining.
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    Remove slow and immobilize from melee. Give speed boost or slow for casters. Remove warror berserk rage or make it only immune not remove and immune for short period of time. Dot protection? Give as shadow orb per vt and swp dispelled. Glyph for -0.5 cast time for vt
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