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    Angry what has happened to the game i once loved?

    i recently returned to wow , did some pvp suddenly noticed it was quite inbalanced been playing some really stupid comps , this game is based on gear now not skill , i'm soon to refuse paying £10 a month for something i struggle to now enjoy purely because well... i hate to say it caters to the casuals in every way shape and form, would love to see wow go back to the old days like wotlk where if you where skilled easy win now it's gear up and easy win , is it just me who thinks this or do i have people who also agree on my half...

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    Please tell me, has WoW's PvP ever been balanced? Last I checked the answer was no.

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    Inbalance is not the same as gear gap.

    PvP is more balanced than it has been in MOST other PvP seasons.

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    I dont know how you get a feeling gear matters more in pvp than ever, when this is first time in wows history where pvp gear that doesn't require any rating is best for pvp (No 2200 weapons that give the best players even bigger advantage or HC DS trinkets/weapons that oblitarate anything). You can say classes are not balanced or game is boring but saying PvP is about gear now more than ever is just laughable and proves you have no idea whats going on.

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    maybe it once was close enough i feel now it's really unbalanced and terribly annoying in pvp just being ruined by people with good weapons and no skill , this resilience thing has a whole lot to blame.

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    Shopping a bit in the cash shop, soon to be easily accessable through the login screen, might relieve some of that stress.

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    Can we see your armory OP :P

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    i just think i no longer can run in with old season gear and have the same advantage as everyone else does when someone with no skill and full 522 completely destroys me when we have a 400 rating difference

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    The gap created by gear is abismal
    But it's really fast to become fully geared on PvP.

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    Nice biased poll, I thought you were being serious at first.

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    wtf kinda poll is that. PS define stupid comp please? How long have you been away, also wow pvp have never been balanced since its inception.
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    PvP is more balanced right now than it was at any other point in WoW.
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    Even though the class balance isn't perfect, it's more or less as good as it ever was. In the golden days of TBC/wrath it was worse than today, you probably just don't remember it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Faesroll View Post
    PvP is more balanced right now than it was at any other point in WoW.
    No that's false. The game has been better balanced than it is now from time to time.

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    I personally think that this current expansion is the lowest point for WoW, I as well as all of my friends and guildmates have not enjoyed this expansion at all, However it seems like it is getting back to the good stuff with WoD so for us it is time to dig in once again and go HAM.
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