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    Still clicking, help me to stop clicking.

    So I have all the various rotation stuff of the cat, that's not a problem. I even have all defences, symbiosis, healing touch, hotw, tranquility, hurricane and wrath, might of ursoc..

    But I have a hard time finding a confortable place for others like: nature's grasp, Healthstone, frenzied regeneration, cyclone, soothe, entangling roots, and maybe bandage (lol? maybe not that last one).

    A problem is that I try to not have an offspec having a problem with them so while I use the mouse-on-frames method a lot on healing off-off-spec, it does help to use innervate or combat res this way, but I don't want to interfere with other specs, ideally no spec should have to re-learn key positions each respec (main offspec now is tank).

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    Not entirely clear what you're looking for.

    I currently use macros such as:

    /cast [stance:3] Rake; Lacerate
    /cast [stance:3] Ferocious Bite; Frenzied Regeneration
    to switch out my important (and therefore easily accessible) Cat form abilities form Bear abilities while in Bear form.

    I don't use the default action bars, nor do I use action bar paging within Bartender as I just find it clumsy and more restrictive than helpful.

    Other than that, A few things I feel are important when keybinding on a melee class:

    • I want to be able to DPS while constantly on the move without any interruption or extra effort. This means keeping my primary damage abilities on keys that I can easily access while pressing my movement keys.

    • I keep keys that are commonly pressed in sequence close together, and arranged in such a way that my fingers can move quickly and efficiently between them.

    • I want to be able to press cooldowns, gap-closers and interrupts (off-GCD abilities) at the same time as I press my damage abilities. I don't want a delay, no matter how small, between activating, say, Tiger's Fury and my next melee ability.

    • I like to keep to similar patterns across specs and across alts. Regularly used important abilities go on keys close to my movement keys, cooldowns tend to go on number keys, interrupts always go on R and so on.

    If you are looking for extra, easily reachable buttons, consider unbinding walk backwards. I only find I need it when I'm playing tank specs so generally unbind it when I'm not. Also don't forget about the key to the left of 1.

    If you want specific examples of how I bind the abilities you mentioned, I can do that too... I just have a rather unorthodox system of key-binding that probably doesn't work for anyone but me.

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    What Raysere mentioned should help out quite a bit, especially grouping similar abilities across all your alts (it can't always sync up 100% of the time, but the general concept applies).

    From the initial list of abilities supplied, there are quite a few abilities that you could get away with not keybinding and just clicking when needed, especially when it comes to PvE. Infrequently used abilities as Feral/Guardian, such as Hurricane, Tranquility, HotW, etc. can likely be clicked versus bound directly to a key (the same can be said for all of our CC abilities for PvE, PvP is a different beast). Core rotational abilities, frequently-used short CD abilities, and movement-based abilities that may require split-second reaction time should be the primary focus of keybinding.

    Taking the macros a bit further, you can combine abilities that are commonly used at the same time or in sequence to make them one keybind. For example, you could make a macro to combine Berserk + Tiger's Fury + other on-use abilities applicable to key yourself from going nuts pressing/mapping a ton of binds at the same time.

    *edit* - I should mention you can actually get away with very minimal keybinding and be very effective in most cases. I honestly keep many abilities click-only while others may have them bound, but I still have a minimum amount I prefer to have bound directly. My general rule for myself is if it has a 1min CD or longer, it probably doesn't need to be bound to a key directly. On encounters where an ability(ies) may suddenly need to be bound for any reason, I actually have what I call "reserved binds," which I actually rotate abilities through it depending upon encounters. These binds are generally non-essential in nature, and they are a typically used for specific targeting macros (l started this setup in ToT with Horridon and H Tortos), but they can be used for anything situational.
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    i had this same problem too, the CTRL modifier is kind of difficult for my stubby little child hands to reach.

    i bought a logitech g600, i like it a lot.

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    The stance macro is a good point indeed. I may use it. It's fine when it's on different specs but rarely I need bear on cat etc.

    I already have a mouse with various buttons, it doesn't solve the problem in itself.

    The main issue is those abilities I rarely use but are useful like soothe.

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    Keys/ key combos I use for binds:

    I should preface this by saying I move with the E, S, D and F keys, not WASD as is very common. As I said above I often also unbind back-pedal from D and use that as a bind.

    1-8 (1-6 are comfortably reachable, 7-8 I only really use for engineering rocket boots and goblin glider)
    § (the key left of 1 on my keyboard - I use this for Healthstone mostly)
    ` (the key left of Z on my keyboard) - Almost always a classes primary gap closer, Charge, Blink, Warlock port etc.

    F9-F10 - Class buffs, MotW, Arcane Brilliance, Rogue Poisons.
    F11 - Spec switch macro

    Mouse side Button 1-2
    Mouse scroll up
    Mouse scroll down

    Shift-<plus> (I press shift with my pinkie so A, Z and ` aren't really usable with shift)
    ` (the key left of Z on my keyboard) - Always ground mount
    Mouse side buttons 1-2

    Ctrl-<plus> (I find ctrl awkward, so fewer of these)
    T - Always active racial War Stomp, Will of the Forsaken etc.
    ` (the key left of Z on my keyboard) - always flying mount

    Maybe something in there you find comfortable.

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    Very difficult to say what you would feel comfortable with but as a general rule I try to keep things I use less often bound to keys with further travel distance on the keyboard (such as F-keys for buffs). Other than that, anything I feel comfortable reaching for around the WASD-keys aswell as alt/ctrl/shift combinations of those same keys. Mouse scroll also works great with alt/ctrl/shift, still want to be able to scroll the camera though when no modifier is pressed as each enviroment and encounter makes different camera distances feel more comfortable.

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    I use the addon "Clique"
    some of my bindings:
    Default on Friendly frame: Shift + Right Mouse Button = Rebirth (all specs)
    Default on Enemy frame: Shift + Right Mouse Button = Cyclone (all specs)
    Default on Friendly frame: MouseButton5 = Wild Growth (Restoration only)
    Default on Friendly frame: Shift + MouseButton5 = Force of Nature (Restoration only)
    Default on Enemy frame: MouseButton4 = Soothe (all specs)
    Default on Friendly frame: MouseButton4 = Remove Corruption (all but Restoration)
    Default on Friendly frame: MouseButton4 = Nature's Cure (Restoration only)
    Default on Friendly frame: CTRL + MouseButton4 = Innervate (all specs)
    Default on Friendly frame: Shift + MouseButton4 = Ironbark (Restoration only)
    Default on Enemy frame: Shift + MouseButton4 = macro: /stopcasting; /cast [@mouseover]Solar Beam
    Default on Any frame: ScrollWheel click = macro: /target [@mouseover]; /click ActionButton1; /targetlasttarget (useful when you have a special button to pass something like during Sha of Fear HM, The Fallen Protectors HM etc...)

    Outside of Clique:
    MouseButton5 is bound to Sunfire, while Moonfire is bound to keyboard key 3
    If for any reason I can't use one of my hands I can still keep spamming at least one of the DoTs
    Shift + MouseButton5 is bound to a Typhoon / prowl Macro while in catform
    Shift + MouseButton4 is bound to the same Solar Beam Macro (+ Ursol's Vortex), the reason is in Clique too is because i can click it on arena frames during PvP while keeping a different target
    MouseButton4 is bound to Barkskin; Ctrl + MouseButton4 is bound to Nature's Grasp because those 2 are defensive abilities and could use the same button with a modifier.
    ScrollWheel click Button is bound to an all Shapeshift macro. Here are some of the macro I use:

    Celestial Alignment+Berseking (balance) Lifebloom(Restoration)
    /cast [spec:1]Celestial Alignment;[@player, mod:alt][help, @mouseover]Lifebloom;Lifebloom
    /cast [spec:1]Berserking(Racial)
    Hibernate / Entangling Roots
    /cast [mod:shift] Hibernate;Entangling Roots
    Oh $#!& Button:
    /cast [btn:1]Might of Ursoc
    /cast [btn:1]Frenzied Regeneration
    /cast [btn:1]Renewal
    /use [btn:1][btn:2] Healthstone
    Mushrooms / + Detonate on Shift + Hurricane on Shift
    #showtooltip [spec:1]Wild Mushroom: Detonate;Wild Mushroom: Bloom
    /use [spec:1,mod:shift][spec:1,btn:2]Wild Mushroom: Detonate;[spec:2,mod:shift][spec:2,btn:2]Wild Mushroom: Bloom;Wild Mushroom
    /use [mod:shift] Hurricane
    All Shapeshift macro/ with ctrl+shift pressed at thesame time fly outdoor sprint indoor
    Bound to the MouseWheel click
    /use [btn:2]Bear Form; [mod:shift, mod:ctrl, flyable,outdoors]Swift Flight Form;[mod:shift, mod:ctrl]Darkflight;[mod:ctrl, swimming]Aquatic Form;[mod:ctrl]Travel Form; [mod:shift]Cat Form; [spec:1]Moonkin Form;[spec:2]Treant Form
    Main ability for every spec/form | heal if used on allies/if used with selfcast modifier/on mouseover only if in restoration spec | Bound to keyboard key 2
    /cast [@player, mod:alt, spec:1][help,spec:1]Healing Touch;[@player, mod:alt, spec:2][help, @mouseover, spec:2][help, @target, spec:2]Regrowth;[form:1/3]Mangle;[harm][spec:1]Wrath;[spec:2]Regrowth
    Spec/Form appropriate DoT on enemies/HoT on friendly/with selfcast modifier/ Second casted heal in restoration spec | Bound to keyboard key 3
    /cast [@player, mod:alt, spec:1][help,spec:1]Rejuvenation;[@player, mod:alt, spec:2][help, @mouseover, spec:2][help, @target, spec:2]Healing Touch;[form:3]Rake;[form:1]Lacerate;[harm][spec:1]Moonfire;[spec:2]Healing Touch
    Another nuke in balance / appropriate stun in cat form depending on stealth or not maul in bear form
    /cqs will CancelQueuedSpell, useful if you have to react quickly to something like Starsurge proc / spamming Rejuvenation on mouseover raidframe and Latency gives you progblems.
    Bound to keyboard key 1
    /cast [mod:alt, @player, spec:2][help ,@mouseover, spec:2][help, @target, spec:2]Rejuvenation;[form:1]Maul;[form:3, stealth] Pounce; [form:3]Maim;[spec:1]Starsurge;Rejuvenation

    Those are some example of macros u can create to make the same button react based on spec/condition/stance without bartender actionbar toggle capability.
    With macro like those packing togeter spells that do the same thing per spec/have a logical correlation between them, can reduce the number of buttons you will have to click with your mouse.
    I have 24 buttons in my interface, the left-most ones host basic numbers 1,2,3,4,5 dps/healing abilities (the macro you saw above)
    The row above them used with the modifier shift + 1,2,3,4,5 are cooldown abilities.
    The mid-top one is the F key used for mushrooms / detonate / hurricane
    The right-most top buttons are the one used with mouse extra buttons bindings (mouse4, mouse5, scrollwheel) Solar Beam+Vortex, Typhoon/Cat Prowl, Roots/Hibernate, Barkskin/Nature's Grasp.
    The right-most bottom buttons are buffs/innervate/rebirth/tranquillity near Heath of Wild for obvious reason (both long cooldown and situational)/potion/anything i want to track the cooldown of.
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    I'm going to avoid copy and pasting it all here because it's long but here's a link that while probably a little dates ability wise might help.

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    I figured I had put a lot of binds on 'alt', but the ones on 4 keys dedicated to some sprinting abilities were not alt'ed. So that made me clear up various of the problematic ones.

    Though I still have unbound Entangling Roots and Hibernate at least, but I suspect that's fine since they are sort-of out of combat or out-of-damage. Though I don't pvp so that's probably wrong for pvp.

    I still have virmen's unbound, though I don't care much since I mainly try not to accidentally use it ever.

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    Remove buttons from your interface and bind it to something, anything.
    Once you get used to pressing a key (even an awkward one) instead of clicking you can experiment with moving it around for comfort.

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    The thread is abit old but: The ultimate solution is to drop the whole wasd thing and go over to clickstrafing. I have a hotkey for autorun, move forvard on space, a key between z and shift for jump, and all the rest of the movement is done on the mouse - strafing with the buttons, mouseturning by being locked into mouselook most of the time. Frees up four fingers on the left hand and the wasd keys to be used for abilities.

    Particularly beneficial for ferals since they often have to move alot during combat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teryx View Post
    The thread is abit old but: The ultimate solution is to drop the whole wasd thing and go over to clickstrafing. I have a hotkey for autorun, move forvard on space, a key between z and shift for jump, and all the rest of the movement is done on the mouse - strafing with the buttons, mouseturning by being locked into mouselook most of the time. Frees up four fingers on the left hand and the wasd keys to be used for abilities.

    Particularly beneficial for ferals since they often have to move alot during combat.
    I fail to see how doing that is going to help you get used to keybinds. If anything you're doubling the amount of changes you are making so it will be harder to do. What you're doing is reinventing the wheel for no good reason at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glurp View Post
    I fail to see how doing that is going to help you get used to keybinds.
    It's hard to click buttons when you are locked into mouselook. Yes the transition is larger, but so is the benefit, getting an entire hand free to use abilities, and improving mobility.

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