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    TWP - Feral Roundtable #4

    Hello Kitties!

    Since it's almost beta season, that means it's time again for another session of our Roundtable series. Our 3rd group this time around is going to be Feral! Who will be here?

    • Arielle - Host and Moderator
    • Tinderhoof - Mod for The Fluid Druid. Raider with Last Word. Finished US #46.
    • Stenhaldi - DPS for Midwinter. Finished West #5.
    • Datah - Datah.
    • Yipz - Multi-Season Rank 1 Feral.

    As before we will talk about the current state of Feral Druids in both PvE and PvP, what the panelists would like to see changed, talents, glyphs, and tactics. As always we'll close with an open Q&A session with questions submitted by the community.

    Join us at 10am PST (1pm EST) on Saturday, February 15th over at for the show!

    Do you have a question you'd like to have the panelists discuss on the show? Post it below!
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    1. I'd like your opinions on wether the removal of snapshotting is the right way to go in WoD or if you would rather prefer that they just tone down the effect trinket and weapon procs have on the "randomness" of our damage and leave snapshotting as it is?

    2. What do you guys think of DoC and how (if at all) should it be changed in WoD to not feel so awkward?

    3. Seeing how PS-Clone caused so many problems in PvP and none of the solutions Blizzard tried really accomplished a balanced Feral PvP-Spec, what do you think is a good solution to make Feral a competitive spec in PvP without being either OP (insta-clone) or near useless (right now)?
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    How do you guys feel about Rune and how it affected us this tier (t 16)? Should it have remained BIS or could blizzard have tweaked feral so that it could have been a competitive dps without said trinket? Overall have you liked using this trinket for 2 tiers? With reforging gone next x-pac would you ever like to see something like Rune return?

    I've heard a fair amount of complaints about Feral single target being to high. Is it truly the class or the trinket people are trying to justify an overall nerf to our dps about? My personal opinion is that the trinket-combined with our play style being a bit broken. What are your thoughts on this matter?

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    1. Savage Roar, what is your opinion? Should they completely remove it or keep it as it is with the WoD talent making it passive?

    2.Should they increase the energy regen rating we get from Haste to make it more desirable in PvP where Mastery/crit reign supreme?

    3. Ability bloat, what do you want removed or merged with other abilities?
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    whats your opponion about kitty cleave, as it seems all melee classes have passive cleaves, but not us poor kittys

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    Does having the highest single target dps by a significant margin provide enough raid utility to forgo having a raid wide cool down?

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    When does your show broadcast/publish? That's really a key piece of info that's missing from both your post and your website. I'm a potential new listener, but if I don't know when to keep an eye out for this episode, I'm likely to just forget about you as soon as I browse away from this thread.

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    have you read the wod wishlist in this forum? what do you think about the changes?

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    Many threads I've read wish for less ability clutter in both pve and pvp. Assuming that's true how would you like to see that done without reducing the complexity of feral? Would this require bleeds to have lower times to compensate?

    What is it for each of you that causes you to enjoy/play the feral class over others?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raysere View Post
    When does your show broadcast/publish? That's really a key piece of info that's missing from both your post and your website. I'm a potential new listener, but if I don't know when to keep an eye out for this episode, I'm likely to just forget about you as soon as I browse away from this thread.
    Whoops. Forgot to put that in. Thanks for reminding me.

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    Major Glyph woes: who's still using the same Savagery and Cat Form glyph from MoP release?
    What about PvP, where Barkskin, Pounce, Prowl, Ursoc, etc.. are all viable but never usable.

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    Get your Qs in before tomorrow morning!

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    PvP Questions:

    • What are your opinions on the viability of Feral in PvP at the moment?
    • How would you change the Feral toolkit to move it away from the current train playstyle and more towards a swapping / bursting / cc playstyle?
    • Do you feel forced into Barkskin/Savage Roar/Cat Form glyphs? Should they be made baseline or other glyphs brought up to the same standard?
    • Should increased mana or a CD on powershifting be implemented, so Ferals can be buffed elsewhere?

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    You should probably add EU time for the lazy ppl that dont know how to check

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    Is this viewable after the livesteam? I'd like to listen to it but I missed it.

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    You can get the MP3 here:

    VODs are too much work for me to bother with, since we don't use webcams anyway.

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    Mp3 is good enough, thank you

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    Just wanted to pop in and say thanks for this, I was a bit late but it was fun listening to you guys. Keep it up.
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