View Poll Results: When do you feel empowered in World of Warcraft

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  • Item level & different colors

    2 2.11%
  • just item level

    2 2.11%
  • when my gear looks awesome

    18 18.95%
  • damage meter

    18 18.95%
  • when i kill the last boss

    28 29.47%
  • pvp

    11 11.58%
  • other option

    16 16.84%
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    Realm first shit like Yogg zero then a whole spam of ''Realm's first Death's demise''

    Dam right.

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    when our shamman bloodlusts

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    iLvl of appropriate gear and thus increased hps/dps/mitigation is the only actual measurement of increased power. It is the only way to progress your character's power. With that being said, I don't use that progression to feel empowered. I simply have fun when I am getting better with a character. Whether that is perfecting a rotation/priority, getting gear, etc it doesn't matter. I like improvement. Similarly I like achieving goals I set for myself. Whether it's achievement oriented or getting a transmog set, I enjoy succeeding.

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    Definitely ilvl. It used to be mostly getting the bis heroic weapon every tier, but now I feel the same way about trinkets too. I guess that would also translate into dps meter otpion. I'll also mention health pools, it's fun to see them go up and up.

    I don't really understand how you would feel more powerful if your gear looks good lol, especially in wow where you can transmog your leveling gear if you want to, and very few people use the default skin on their gear anyway unless it is to brag about the heroic colored skin version of the item.

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    I havent felt powerful in a while, but I found it strangely amusing when I was bored and ported to theramore on my mage. Then started polymorphing everything to penguins, i accidentally melee hitted a mob and did like 5k... as a mage. With melee.

    That was so absurd looking back at the numbers we had before. I felt strong.
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    When I am get rare mount or legendary drop, or kill some trick bosses solo in old raids.

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    I feel empowered when I do stuff that under normal circumstances with X gear is not possible to accomplish. Sadly for me Blizzard had taken steps to ensure that I never encounter these circumstances much anymore since they removed all 5 man quests + elites from the world basically.

    I feel empowered when I had some amazing luck while healing and do the impossible and keep a group/raid alive longer then you yourself thought possible.

    That and when I have BiS gear.

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    When I get that final piece of my transmog and I know I'm going to look like the most ostentatious bugger on the server.
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    Empowerment is going through 5 mans a year later and killing each boss in under 7 seconds

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    Every single game/mmo rely on a simple formula of incentive. The feeling of starting weak; becoming stronger/ powerful; using and showing that power.
    My question is when do you feel accomplished/ empowered in World of Warcraft?
    I never really feel 'empowered' in the sense of achievement or progress. I do feel like everything has scaled wildly with each expansion, which I hope they stop doing after the item level squish (why keep a problematic system and throw band aids at it?), but outside of that, things just feel broken.

    I think a fundamental flaw of RPG design (MMOs, in particular) is trying to make characters feel week or strong through artificial processes such as gearing or leveling. In a game where progress is the most important thing to each character, artificial, even temporary progress feels terrible. If you've ever played a Zelda game, you don't progress by leveling or getting better gear to replace old gear. You progress by acquiring specific treasures and items that give you the ability to navigate the world, while increasing your capacity to dispatch increasingly difficult enemies. There is no 'you must be level 90' or 'have ilvl 463' to do this dungeon. Those are artificial gating processes where you don't really progress, you just meet arbitrary standards put in place to keep you from experiencing the content 'too soon.'

    The problem with MMOs (and RPGs in general) is that more time spent playing =/= more time spent adventuring. Most of the time it means more time doing repetitive content just to meet arbitrary goals. It stops being fun when you have to do something in order to do something else, where you are doing things as part of a barrier to entry instead of for fun.

    This is why I don't feel empowered. Nothing I've done in this or any other game has felt like a fun or exciting part of role playing.

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    I feel empowered when I tab out and resume my adventures with Kayamba and Cha Cha.

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    I feel empowered when I log off a fantasy game and do something real. There really shouldn't be anything in a video game that makes you feel empowered or feel good about yourself, that is sorta silly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowpunkz View Post
    Its just what makes you feel awesome at this game. You do like to look awesome in your game right?
    You're just using this as another attempt for people to agree with you that LFR shouldn't drop cool looking gear like you ranted about in the other thread. Sorry, people still recognize that character power is the only thing that matters. You should probably move on from this issue. I didn't even look at who the OP was so my first response was serious, but now it all makes sense. Your poll options are heavily skewed, but even so, roughly 80% of people don't think looking cool = empowerment. To go even further, you stated that option poorly as people could be talking about their awesome transmog since almost everyone uses that anyways.

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    I feel empowered... every time I hit the Bloodlust button RAWR!!!!!

    (Oh and... as soon as the Cutting Edge Garrosh Heroic FoS pops up at the bottom of my interface... which it is going to within the next few weeks ^^)

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    When I overkill someone for 2mil with Chaos Bolt on the mini boss before Dark Shamans.

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