View Poll Results: Least Favorite class to level?

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  • Death Knight

    14 2.45%
  • Druid

    36 6.29%
  • Hunter

    17 2.97%
  • Rogue

    181 31.64%
  • Paladin

    39 6.82%
  • Mage

    43 7.52%
  • Warrior

    30 5.24%
  • Warlock

    28 4.90%
  • Monk

    23 4.02%
  • Priest

    136 23.78%
  • Shaman

    25 4.37%
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    The Lightbringer Duridi's Avatar
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    This changes through expansions aswell as personal mood. Can't really vote on one.

    Though... I REALLY struggle getting my DK past 62, which it has been at for many years already. The time I spent leveling it from 55-62 I had a lot of fun though, then my sub ran out, and I just couldn't ever pick it up again. I guess I'll vote DK.

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    Hunter, honestly can't stand one shotting mobs with Aimed Shot for the most of the leveling proccess. It's just so booooooooooring. Actually, it was boring even in TBC or WotLK, but now it's even worse. So yeah.
    Quote Originally Posted by Maxos View Post
    When you play the game of MMOs, you win or you go f2p.

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    Quote Originally Posted by madmanx View Post
    Rogue go sub and one shot everything.
    I did just that and it was boring. It was so good to hit 90 and finally perform full rotations in raids, instances or even timeless isle elites.

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    Many are tedious, but rogues are #1 due to their tediousness actually causes a much slower leveling experience compared to the others.

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    id say rogue, because when i did it i feelt really weak and had to stop to eat between every other mob

    edit: a word

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    Anyone who says rogue clearly doesn't adopt a "red equals dead" mentality.

    Rogue is by far the MOST fun class to level if you enjoy PvP in any capacity. It was an absolute blast, and the only class I didn't feel a moment of tedium.

    Kill any opposite faction player as soon as you see them, and you never get tired of questing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ragashii View Post
    Nothing is more boring to level than a mage. Oh my god they are absolutely horrible to level. All you do is press 1 button all the way to level cap, and I leveled a paladin in BC. Casters in general are just so boring to play.
    You sound terrible at WoW, if you truly believe its just 1 button all the way to levelcap.

    The amount of stupidity you read on these forums daily is amazing...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warlord Booty View Post
    Many are tedious, but rogues are #1 due to their tediousness actually causes a much slower leveling experience compared to the others.
    What tediousness? When was the last time you played a Rogue?

    SnD + Recuperate are up 100% of the time thanks to Glyph of Deadly Momentum, and with Mutilate spec, you don't even need to really stealth at all. Just walk up to something, Mutilate twice, Rupture/Envenom and it's over. Hell, the most tedious part about leveling a Rogue is getting your 5pt Recuperate rolling; everything dies too fast to build 5cp.

    So you're basically playing a character with a constant healing stream coming in of 4% HP every 3 seconds, you kill mobs within a couple seconds of the opener, you never have to stop to cast and almost never even have to stop moving.

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