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    Open Raid Event

    I'm looking for interest in an all shaman except for tanks open raid event. Changed to doing ToT normal and still wanting the social aspect and steamers, I'm looking for streamers of every PoV so we can show UI's of each spec. This should be a fun and informative event for those of you who have questions for some higher end shamans. Sign up below and please leave your ilvl spec and guild. Hopefully we can get a lot of interest in this and provides a fun time.

    Edit we could have an OR sponsored event as well, but it may have to be ALL SHAMAN if you're interested please post here lets get a good showing for this lovely community.
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    Sounds like it could be fun.

    Highlight of the event: 25 Shamans vs Dark Shamans and everyone gets their transmog.

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    That would actually be amazing since I don't think it exists much like the trinket lol

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    I actually tweeted back and forth briefly with OpenRaid a few weeks back about an all shaman normal ToT. Definitely doable, though some fights might involve multiple people having to "tank" so we don't kill people off from debuff stacks.

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    I think ToT would be doable as well, I would be interested in doing that one too.

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    Someone put up this event on the alliance side please :P

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    u wot m8? MAKE IT HAPPEN FASTER! Also, 571 ele/569 resto here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OpenRaid View Post
    Faction: Horde
    Region: US
    Genuinely upset

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    I'm sorry :-( stupid US Horde I know

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lavalashlol View Post
    I'm sorry :-( stupid US Horde I know
    I was literally sitting there thinking about how hilarious Falling Protectors & Galakras would be!

    Have fun (make sure to stream it!)

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    Streaming for sure, hoping we get a lot of interest in it. Would love to give this community a chance to see the posters play some.

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    thats nearly 80 to 90% uptime on Stormlash Totem.

    I'd go as 572 Enh if I can make it
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zixan View Post
    thats nearly 80 to 90% uptime on Stormlash Totem.
    Assuming we have 2 normal tanks, so 23 shaman, if people drop them exactly when the previous one expires, they're up for 3:50 of every 5 minutes. So just over 75%.

    With 25 shaman (wooo shaman tank!) that's 4:10, so 83%.

    Theoretically we could also be chaining AGs and Tides and run without healers, so stuff would die super fast. With 23+ shaman specced into AG, it would literally be doubling up nonstop.

    Yeaaaaah.... this will be fun. Only issue is coordinating that stuff. The easy option would be to have everyone macro Tide, Stormlash, and AG together, then set up a weakaura or something for the order, and then have them mash their macro when it's their turn and then when any one of those comes off CD.

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    Ahh the possibilities lol

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    Something I have wanted for so long.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lavalashlol View Post
    Ahh the possibilities lol
    I have read the forums on this site for years, but this made me actually want to comment. I signed up and this is my 1st post!

    This is the perfect example of why shamans shouldn't be a full tank, but get tank on demand. Have all the necessary things like crit-immune/armor multiplier, but for x-time with a cool down. That way it would make a shaman able to pickup off tanking like we pickup off healing. I think this should be available to our HYBRID class. Its obvious blizz still wants shamans to be able to tank because they leave a few of the tools from long ago active but don't really make it viable. Its like a decision was never made and the shaman is left in limbo. This event could bring awareness, maybe finally push a decision! If we could tank on demand we could rotate our cooldown and every person in the group could say they tanked, dps ranged/melee, and healed at some point in a 25 man ALL shaman raid. I would SO go, but my shaman (former main) is only 520 geared. I've been gearing my DK instead because, well he can tank
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    I signed up too it also because I think it's a very nice idea. Will be cool to see who is coming for it.

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    Thats constant Stormlash lol

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    If this was Alliance I would love too

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    Sorry for the no alliance one, but in other news I got my Tmog last night /cheer.

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    Bump this up. 20 days left

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