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    that would need to hit about 5 times harder than it does now, and have like 1/5th of the cooldown, even then we're going to be dead last on single target.
    I didn't say all they would do to it is buff it. It could make another spell instant cast, it could have charges instead of a CD, plenty of possibilities other than just buffing it. UE was supposed to be the new tool for increased mobility but instead of tweaking it after launch they made an easier change to LB.

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    Will be interesting to see what happens, movement is one of our niches, take that away and all we have is 5 target cleave, below average single target and off-heal raid cds.

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    The simple fact is, Ele is by far one of the worst caster classes ATM, taking away the "fun" and "niche" element that is LB while moving, will be a death blow, if they do not compensate for something else. Lets be honest, its not like LB is even that much damage, the problem is that we can cast it while moving. Well, if thats gotten out of hand, so had BRM Monks self heals, LOOKING AT YOU on Jugg, DK self heals, and Paladin Self heals. but no, we wont ever fix those broken things, just make huge changes to Ele "for PVP" purposes that totally will alter our PVE experience.

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    I think singling out Elem wasn't the best example, casting LB while moving is important cause they need it to build fulm charges which is one of their main mechanics. We did get the insta LVB procs from FLS which helps alot for cast on the move but LB is still important. Most of the other casters have plenty of instants too as well as procs to do instant damage..... but shaman lack escapes or much mobility so being able to kite a bit while casting LB (or chase someone) helps since otherwise you prob wouldn't get any real burst out unless u got lucky with FLS procs.

    Just my opinion though...... this is for WoD, which might come with some big changes to mechanics.....they may even redo Shaman mechanics (kinda hoping they do) and add a secondary resource so we have some more ways to dps, or not rely so heavily on lb to burst and stuff.

    One thing they should do is make cast on move selective so only a few classes/specs can do it. I don't see why all shaman need it, even if it is fun. Same for other classes too i guess.

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    Love it but it would be better if enhance still kept it if it got removed from baseline again.
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    I really hope they don't remove LB on the move for elemental (the other 2 specs don't need it), but if they do I may end finally switching to enhance. Hopefully they just nerf it so that the casting time goes up while moving instead of directly removing it or at least give us something else (ie remove shock cd or reduce spirit walkers grace to a 30s cd, but that would also add to bloat which they said they wanted to reduce).

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    I don't see any negative reasons as to just only having 1 primary nuke be casting while moving.

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