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    Quote Originally Posted by SwizzleTweets View Post
    Also last chance to get that beautiful spectral Gryphon!
    Coming to a BMAH near you

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    It will more than likely be replaced with Scroll of Resurrection 3.0. Also to get a level 80 from the SoR the account had to be inactive on or before March 4, 2012.

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    That is the same thing Blizzard said about those first 3 mounts for RAF...that they would all be retiring from the game....ohhh but look they got a new RAF and guess what, all those mounts that were retired are back...haha...don't believe Blizzard about the mounts from Scroll being retired....they will bring them back sooner or later.

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    No point in giving free boosts when they can make you pay for them. That's essentially all this is. They'll bring it back if it backfires.

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