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    Enhance Sham 'playstyle' -- Heroic Protector

    Hi there.

    My guild is currently working with H Protectors, we've tried it several times but decided to continue with other bosses and come back to it for the kill.

    I'm curious to know the approach that fellow enhance shamy's take for this fight, burst, cleave or an in-between?
    I have tried dif setup but still haven't gotten comfortable with the results [dps] and cooldown management. In relation withtrinkets, I've tried AOE/cleave style with UF/EOE and TED/AoC trinkets; also tried single-target style with EM/PE with Haromm/AoC trinket; and i was also experimenting with EM/PE with TED/AoC.

    We run with 3 healers and try to cleave sun and rook as much as possible, and during sun's phase have a go at He. I'm sure today we are going to switch a few things around as we go along.


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    I think the strat we use is Sun>he>rook But rook gets cleaved down pretty quickly after the first two... I dont have the luck of multiple trinkets right now.. So its all about maximizing dmg with your playstyle and the raids ability to do the fight

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    Personally I go all out from the get go. We do Rook first, but do what its best for you guys.
    Try and spread a big flame shock. (make sure you have some trinket procs running) Use fire nova as often as possible when they are stacked up.
    Help out ineterupting gloom. If you can get a druid do cymbiocis you that gives you an extra backup interupt.
    Save second ascendance for when the black dude from He appears, cant remember what its called.

    Use personal defencive cds when She uses her AOE spell and help the healers OH if it is hard for them to keep the raid up.

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    With ours if I time it right I end up with most of my burst CD's up every transition, and again for the burn at the end.

    Ours is Rook > He > Sun

    I always grab gloom making sure to gain threat through use of ascendance on the first and second of his transitions. With He it's eng tinker, second pot, and wolves if they're up again. For Sun whatever's left with a healthy dose of nova.

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    thanks for your replies.

    We down Protectors yesterday... I think our problem was avoiding dmg [from everyone] and that's about it. Honestly, I didn't time my CD well, I just pop them as soon as it was off cooldown. I did however, use my 2nd pot on the black dude from He, he died pretty quickly.

    cheers! onward to Sha of Pride

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    It really depends how you tackle it. We stack em all up and cleave. Even with me using Fire Nova as my last priority it ends up being one of my highest damaging abilities and sees me top the meters quite comfortably.

    I have an AoC so my timings might be weird to you, but I blow everything on Rook, Ascendance and Wolves comes off CD for He, and I save it for his add to get it down. We dont normally have to much issue with the add so I dont tend to save many CD's for it. Usually at the point it goes through 5 people.

    make sure you are interupting Gloom. All three adds share HP so make sure everuyone is on Gloom for interupts. You will need 3 people to cycle.

    Its a very easy fight once you get into a nice routine. Have fun on Norushen!

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