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    So much negativity...:sigh: I for one enjoyed the new look of the Alliance Garrison buildings. I expected the old 'white brick with blue ceilings' Stormwind motif that I felt was too Human, but these ones are much more neutral-looking and acceptable for the other races. I especially like the wooden theme and all the buildings kind of bring a very relaxing and warm feeling, much like a summer retreat house in the woods.

    Can't wait to build the Garrison for my Alliance characters!

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    This is nice. If anything will get me and the fam to purchase the expansion, it is this.

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    I really don't want to sound like I'm moaning like most of the infuriating moaners in this thread...but I pretty much only play my main which is a Blood Elf and I almost wish I could have these Alliance buildings for my garrison! The graphical update is stunning and I really do love how the Jewel crafting building looks like a mix of Human/Night Elf/Draenei architecture or whatever. It really does look gorgeous. And I know I have nothing but one picture to base it off right now but if that 'sneak peek' of the Horde Stables is anything to go by what the other buildings are going to look like for the garrison, I'm going to be a bit dissapointed. I hope they do what they've done with the Alliance buildings where they're not 'IN YOUR FACE' Human architecture and they add some hints of Blood Elf, Tauren and other races from the Horde into the buildings and they capture the aesthetic variety to make every player of every race feel at home. because I feel like those stables are pretty much 'IN YOUR FACE' full Orc style.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Geckoo View Post
    but they need to be more in touch with us, the players.

    This is the ENTIRE PROBLEM.

    There is no such thing us "us the players" every single person wants something different.

    Which bit of that is not clear?

    Just because YOU (or even all YOUR friends in game) hates feature X or feature Y does not mean they should not do it.

    I don't really like pet Battles, but there are 10 MILLION of them done every single day.

    No content will please everyone.

    I am super excited about Garrisons.

    I can guarantee you one thing "us the players" is 100% defo NOT the whiney forum posters of MMO-C.
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    Only Human and Orc buildings for two factions, this is seriously some sad underwhelming shit Blizzard. I can't be the only one that thinks they are just half-assing stuff now milking this game for a bit more. Do these art teams working on garrisons and player models work part time or something? I mean wtf are they doing?

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    So both garrisons and character updates will be the major selling points of the expansion... pretty underwhelming, hopefully Draenor as a new continent will do much better.

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    So its just a big 3-D browser game without any personalisation instead of housing? But then where is the point of this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by freakyduck View Post
    imo - that would look ridiculous. Uniformity is key, especially in military garrisons. They aren't going for style. IF they ever make them more racially based, i would expect you choose the race or it's based on your current race and all the buildings fit. I couldn't see them mixing it up like you have suggested.
    Except the Alliance and Horde used race specific art from the start. You can always clearly see what race created what outpost.

    Forsaken outpost:
    Night elf outpost:

    So why should Garrisons now only be human and orc style? It makes no sense except the usual time/money problem. But from in-game lore view it makes no sense to have gnomes operate gigantic machines where they can't even reach the levers.

    I think they should add one building from each faction in the outpost, representing one profession.

    Human/Undead = Alchemy
    Dwarf/Orc = Blacksmithing
    Night elf/Tauren = Enchanting
    Pandaren = Inscription
    Gnome/Goblin = Engineering
    Draenei/Blood elf = Jewelcrafting
    Worgen/Troll = Leatherworking
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    Cute, hopefully this expands into something meaningful unlike EVERY single gimmicky gameplay addtion we recieved as of lately. The companion thing is pretty much the only feature I liked about SWTOR so I am hoping for the best!

    Having only one look for each faction is a bit of a shocker and nothing to be proud of. The models look good but in the end buildings are easy todo, especially the "lowpoly" stuff in WoW and you dont have to rig, animate etc.
    I'm surprised a creative and huge team like Blizzard can't come up with a better solution than having every single horde player walk around in his little instanced orc village but I will probably racechange into orc anyways.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elrandir View Post
    Only Human and Orc buildings for two factions, this is seriously some sad underwhelming shit Blizzard. I can't be the only one that thinks they are just half-assing stuff now milking this game for a bit more. Do these art teams working on garrisons and player models work part time or something? I mean wtf are they doing?
    Have you paid any attention to the level of detail they're putting in the buildings?? They are the farthest thing from "half-assing"
    It takes them a ton of time and effort just to do them, because they are starting everything from scratch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by corebit View Post
    Have you paid any attention to the level of detail they're putting in the buildings??
    Oh shit, I forgot, ten out of ten.
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    gonna all buildings be changed ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SodiumChloride View Post
    Wow, look at all those nice buildings ... For Alliance.

    Horde? Sticks, stones and mud. Yay.

    You are horde. Expect it to look like old school. Which does suck because garrosh iron style looks cooler.

    Race based would be better though. forsaken style. Gilnean style, blood elven style.

    The night elf one could be a tree with all the stuff up the tree

    Alas I can see why this would take a long time, Maybe next x pack

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    Quote Originally Posted by videotape View Post
    I would love to see these visual updates come to buildings in the old world. Probably asking too much. It's going to be really weird running around Stormwind with my shiny new character models on top of a brick floor with 10 polygons and all kinds of weird gross low-resolution texture skewing.
    Warcraft is like comparing american infasctructure to Japanese. Ours is built up over such a long time, and all old (copper over fiber optics)

    What will be amazing, is seeing this new.. kinda comic art style in a brand new game. That way everything is even. I mean, Darnassus tiger, over the pvp tiger. Or the new forsaken pvp horse

    Looks silly because it is so old.

    WTB wow 2, or titan or w/e that is
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    Quote Originally Posted by ringpriest View Post
    World of Warcraft started life as a Computer Roleplaying Game, where part of the fun of the game experience was pretending to be your character. Stuff like applying poisons and eating food enhanced the verisimilitude of the experience of playing a fantasy character in another world. Now that game has changed to become a tactical arcade lobby game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elrandir View Post
    Only Human and Orc buildings for two factions, this is seriously some sad underwhelming shit Blizzard. I can't be the only one that thinks they are just half-assing stuff now milking this game for a bit more. Do these art teams working on garrisons and player models work part time or something? I mean wtf are they doing?
    What they are doing is not wasting months of development time creating the 936 buildings and 300 or so props it would need to have racial-specific Garrisons.

    23 upgradable buildings X 13 races = too much time.

    And yes, they work part time on Garrisons, and the rest of the time making everything else...
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    Jesus, this community is so negative. We get player housing that's been requested for years, some gorgeous artwork to go with it, and all anyone can do is complain and demand more. It's quite clear none of the negative nancies have done even the basic arithmetic that would tell you just how much work is going into this. Can we not be grateful for the first feature in a very long time indeed that looks as though it will be breathing new life into the game?
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    Having played since 2004...I'm really glad that they're putting something in. I really like MoP's farms and this just seems like a much larger iteration of that.

    Feels like a lot of people want garrisons to be Minecraft redux - or they want blizzard to totally retool the game engine to accommodate customization of player housing. If you've not noticed, players are unable to change the game environment permanently - this is usually reserved for patches. Additionally, I imagine customized housing for X million players would create some pretty significant server overhead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Feathil View Post
    Oh boy I do have references....Wildstar housing and LOTR online housing are better than this and the first is a mmo still under development and the second one is a "minor" mmo if you compare it with WoW. If those ppl can do it...why not Blizz? If the problem is about the races require "too much work" then...why you did introduce them in first place? Why building cities and creating an art behind it. This argument is shit. There's plenty of players than are not Human or Orc and, therefore, they don't want to play on a human/orc it or not. So please, don't tell me that is not necessary or that there's no references of better housing. Blizz can afford to pay 20 or 40 or even the 200 ppl that some of you said or whatever it needs to build them up....we're talking about a game that has almost 8 million ppl paying to play it. So yeah, I do believe that either they're lazy or either they're not investing enough resources on this because they just don't give a fuck.
    And yet again another repetitive arguement. you're comparing WHOLE new mmo's with large development time to an expansion of a 10 year old mmo.

    creating a fresh whole new mmo is easier to create and design stuff for than something 10 years old. You have to build over 10 years worth of stuff. The things they've already done are AMAZING given the supposed limitations of the aged engine.

    and this isnt housing. its not meant to be housing. THey're meant to provide particular functions.

    People are gonna look at the aesthetics for all of 5 mins before moving on to the practical use of the garrisons for the rest of the expansion. that is not worth all the time it takes to make the buildings for 10 races.

    Also a lot of people commenting on the horde stable without having seen ANY other buildings horde side.

    its ONE building and its an open Stable. A STABLE. Its not the best benchmark by which to judge the entire horde garrison without having seen them.
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    I'm not longer concerned about the lack of customization or personality that a player can get from Garrisons. Kudos to Blizzard for finally getting their toes wet with SOME type of player housing. As far off as it is, maybe it means they are on the right track?

    Anyway, my real gripe, and the main reason hubby and I haven't played in months, is the feeling of always starting some new feature, only to abandon it in the next expansion. The tiny farm at Sunsong was really neat, and a convenient way to get mats for other professions. Now, I understand this is supposed to offer something along the same lines, but we all spent a good amount of time waiting and doing dailies to unlock all those plots. Now, it's pointless to maintain.

    Garrisons will be gone, come next expansion. Hopefully, real player housing will exist as a replacement. However, all that work spent over a couple of years will more than likely not carry over. The units are in Draenor, which I doubt players will be there in the following expansion.

    Please don't take this as whining. I really hope this game continues to please players. Honestly, you all deserve a great gaming experience. This game doesn't offer me or my husband what we want anymore, and it doesn't look like it will in the near future. We've never jumped ship before, because no other game has had that spark for us. Well, we've found it in Wildstar, and that's what we'll be playing. I'm only sharing this because I think there is this taboo with saying you are leaving WoW for something else. These are games, and we pay for them. Like my husband told me, (I was really trying hard to not go after all the years spent there, and the fact that we met on WoW) if we aren't logging in and enjoying ourselves, why pay for it. The company isn't at fault for making their game the way they do. Nobody is at fault. We just don't like it anymore. Let's stop, at least for now. Play some other games and take a breather. Wildstar is promising, but if it fails, WoW will still be there. It won't blame us for leaving. It will welcome us back with open arms.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Protar View Post
    Jesus, this community is so negative. We get player housing that's been requested for years, ...
    The problem is. THIS is not housing. This is some kind of 3 D browser game where you set up a base.

    Housing = build a house and decorate it the way you want it for your character.

    Garrison = minigame with some nice buildings you have like 0 influence. the only possibilitys to change it are upgrades.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quilzar View Post

    This is the ENTIRE PROBLEM.

    The problem is that i wasn't talking about them putting in the game whatever i want or you want. Of course they will never please everyone.
    I was talking about the relantionship between Blizzard and the playerbase. That's not about doing whatever someone asks them to do, but to look more like players making a game for other players instead of professionals making a game for cash, because that is how i see them for the past years. It's a cold relationship because it all seems to end in a blue community manager on the forums with the official negative response or excuse, like the "you want this or a new raid?" that they've been overusing for the last year.

    You see how the guys from Wildstar or at SOE interact with their playerbase and that's very refreshing, because you not only see people making a game, but playing it, being passionate about it... i guess they are not in the comfortable spot that Blizzard is, they don't have the freedom to do a enjoyable but poor version of Wildstar's housing with almost 0 possible customization and people will still defend them and will still buy the flavor of the year excuse: a good aproach to housing or a new raid? well... i want both and i don't buy any lame excuses.

    Each time they use that excuse, it becomes harder and harder to justify the monthly fee.

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