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    Question Being Dependent on AddOns: Yes, No, Maybe?

    AddOns. They seem to be a main staple in WoW these days. Back in '07 when I started, I think Cartographer and QuestHelper were the only two I had even heard of. Now, there are thousands. I have a select few I cannot live without:

    DBM - For those pesky boss encounters

    Postal - So I can check all my mail automatically. Comes in handy with as much stuff as I sell.

    SellJunk - I love selling all my grey junk in one shot. Comes in handy after a day of Archaeology.

    NPCScan - Gotta find those rares

    Pet Tracker - Lets me know what pets are available by zone, and where. If there is an icon on my world map, I don't have that pet in my collection.

    ZygorGuide - Got this YEARS ago after I heard about Quest Helper, but wanted something more in depth.
    How about you? Are you an Addon-ict, an addon casual, or are you living addon free?

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    I'm a roleplayer and I mostly just Raid Finder. Common sense serves me enough there, so no need for DBM, and I've got my rotation memorised after many agonising months.

    So I suppose just a few rp related addons that remain functioning even when out of date.
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    There's only two I consider really mandatory for me: Bartender and Inline Aura. Everything else I could go without, but those two just simply provide functions that should be part of any year-2014-MMO default UI, period.

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    I use some add-ons, depending on circumstances.

    For raiding, and high-performance PvE in general I use Deadly Boss Mods because of the usefulness of the timers, Skada for meters to understand the fights better and my team's strong and weak points, and occasionally Weak Auras for procs.

    In general I use Atlas Loot to browse items while raiding, digging, participating in seasonal activities, or am just waiting for something, it helps a lot with my forgetfulness!

    I also use an add-on to auto-report spam in chat channels.

    I have an assortment of raiding add-ons, like custom enemy bars and such, as well as scanners, and some others, but I almost never use them. I like the original user interface and don't like the add-ons playing the game for me.

    At times I don't even use raiding add-ons; in instances such as new major patches, or my crappy computer being about to collapse. I do just fine for the most part, just need some time to get adjusted to paying more attention than I am accustomed to. I would be playing without any add-ons if I didn't feel they contributed to raiding, and wasn't in charge of checking things in my raid group. I really like a clean UI

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    Weak auras, recount, tidy plates, atlasloot, omen, prat and DBM are among the ones i remember at the moment. I probably would feel a huge sense of something just not right if i tried to play without them.

    But then again, if you raid normals or above, some of these addons would be core to your raiding performance.
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    When I quit I only used Recount. Besides that I didn't need any. And I raided some WotLK and Cataclysm raids on heroic mode while they were current. As a tank. And a fight that cemented me not needing add-ons was the Lich King. While I never failed to move out of defile and spread when it came (after a few tries you get the time without need to have a timer) people with add-ons did. They didn't move at defile despite having an add-on that told them when it came. This showed me that add-ons won't help me much. And nor will they ever help bad players.

    Only healers need a good healing add-on in a raid. Besides that I don't think add-ons are needed for anyone anymore.

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    On my priest, bartender is a must. Just too many buttons, and I can't possibly bind all of em. Less so on my DK and hunter, where the default UI and a few keybindings works just fine.
    DBM when raiding, but it's mostly not needed outside of Garrosh (normal) and hard modes. Nice to have battleground timers too I suppose.
    Recount.... mostly as a dps meter and/or damage taken meter so I know if someone is really messing up.
    NPCScan... mmm yeh rare mobs
    Oqueue - mostly for world bosses, but also for PUGing flex on alts etc. This is the most useful addon ever.

    Used to use Xperl as well and some scrolling combat text addon, but that was before they made some major improvements to the default UI. Its still good though if you get sick of the default.

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    I use quite a few add-ons, mainly (for raiding) Weak Auras, Tidy Plates, Skada, Vuhdo, NugComboBar, Bartender, and DBM (also have some raid marker add-on I barely use)

    Other ones I use occasionally (depending on what character I'm playing) are Gatherer, NPCScan, Auctionater, GoGoMount, AtlasLoot and Altoholic

    I could probably get by with just Weak Auras, Bartender, and NugComboBar....but without those I don't know if I could perform at the same level I do now.

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    I need to have Class Monitor or something similar for resource management. I need some way to move my UI, and TellMeWhen so I can track cool downs in the center of my screen. Also Clique for my healers, I don't know how to bind to left vs right click with macros, don't think you can.

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    I have addons for my addons. I actually try to lighten it up when it gets too bloated, but most of my addons are for the UI and provided in game functionality. For ex: Bartender, sexymap, pitbull, elkanos/satrina buff, etc for UI. tiptac, Pet Tracker, atlas loot, npc scan for functionality.

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    I love addons. I love customising the games I play. I use tons of addons. I could play without them if I had to, but I get a lot of fun out of testing out new addons and setting things up differently and trying to make the most of the game I play. I don't *need* them, but I do like them a lot.

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    I could not function as a DPSer without recount or some dps meter addin. Even if I was performing great (or exactly the same as w/o the addin) doesn't matter, without seeing the hard numbers I kept believing I was doing worse than I probably was.

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    i would quit wow if there were no addons. period.

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    I just use bar mods and recount. Others i dont even care much about. Every encounter I do is based upon memory of what they do. But just, WoW is too dependent on them now, and people think Blizzard made the game too easy, nope, mods holding people's hands through every encounter, mainly DBM.

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    I simply cannot play this game comfortably using just the default UI.

    I have managed to almost make it playable with a lot of hammering/tinkering/creative use of actionbars, but I hit a brick wall when I reach a spec that needs to actively track its buffs (Brewmaster Tank stands out). Staring up at the smear of random buffs blinking all over the place in the upper-right of my screen, while still keeping track of anything actually occurring in the game field, is just beyond my mental capacity.

    So, I've managed to strip it down to:
    • Boss mod (maybe not necessary, but turning it off is needless self-handicapping)
    • Auction house (again, using default AH is financial self-handicapping)
    • Buff tracker

    The rest I can live without, but it's a close squeeze via a lot of manipulation and exploitation of the default UI.

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    Addons are for the weak.

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    DBM is good for learning fights, the reminders get annoying after the 20th time. Skada is great for performance analysis. Grid because the design and customization of specific buff/debuff tracking per class is superior to the in-game raid frames. I can dps without any of them, but if I'm healing I'd prefer to have grid.

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    Addons are part of the game's flavor. Blizzard recognizes this and absorbs them over time.
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    "Statue casts Soothing Mist at a nearby ally for toddler healing."

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    I've used addons since I learned about their existence.

    My favorite addons are:

    NPC Scan
    Killshot and Killshot sounds
    Pokemon trainer
    Reforge lite

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    Atlasloot - I really like to look through atlasloot when I'm bored, and find cool transmog for my characters
    Auctionator - It helps me to sell stuff faster on the AH
    BagBrother - Together with Bagnon I can search my alts bags while I'm on my main, I can also see check how much gold I have in total
    Bagnon - So I have on big bag instead of a lot of bag thingies
    Bartender - I feel like this makes my bars a lot cleaner than the Blizzard one
    BlacknedBorders - I think it looks sexy
    DeadlyBossMods - For when I do some raiding, I think it is very nice to know the timers
    ExtraCD - This keeps track of my Proc trinkets CD and my weapon proc CD, so I can line up my CDs with the procs
    InterruptBar - When I do PvP with one of my casters I want to know if I can cast without the fear of being interrupted
    OmniCC - This helps me to keep track of my CDs on the action bar
    Overachiver - I really like achivements
    Postal - So I can open my post a lot faster
    Quartz - I like how I can move this bar where I want it, I think it is very useful because I also use bartender
    sArena - I have this one to keep track of the enemies trinket in arena
    Skada - To track dps and dmg

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