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    Current and Future Expansion Ideas

    With the announcement of Warlords of Draenor, and Blizzard's insistence that time spent on current content will detract from the next expansion, it seems an opportune time to collect our thoughts, examine and analyze the current state of the game. WE should share what we really enjoy about this game, this particular expansion and what we hope to see from the future. We should give Blizzard our input because we know they listen, even if only occasionally.

    Now, I would like to mention, I am not a forum poster. I have never made a post. However, I feel there are many players like me out there, with active accounts, who don't read or post in the forums... I think these “voiceless” players, have some of the most interesting ideas about further directions for this game to take. I encourage people who have never posted before (perhaps just read) to join the discussion!

    I wish to use this thread as a sort of “idea generator” for the next expansion. Let's not try to criticize each other's ideas, let's simply share them. With any hope someone at Blizzard might read them and implement some of the more interesting or oft-called for ones.

    I have some ideas:

    Loading Screens:
    Seriously, why are we still looking at these loading screens after this game has been out for so frickin' long. Blizzard is constantly showing off their great artwork and fan art and instead of putting it in the game where it really matters, they “slack off” on the loading screens. Fine, I understand, the loading screens aren't what the game is about, but they are not exactly a trivial part of the game either. We are going to be looking at plenty of loading screens. Also, worth mentioning is that with every expansion come new loading screens and thus, loading screens are also like a strange way of telling time has passed in the wow lore. However, the current loading screens are lacking. They're boring. They're old. I'm tired of looking at them. I want to see that time has passed, that my actions have an effect on the world of warcraft. I believe this is achievable with interesting loading screens.

    More lore... more “pro” tips... different loading screens for the same zone, so you don't always get the same one... show us the major (and minor!) characters Blizzard. Show us something else. This really seems like such an easy thing to do which will boost my enjoyment of the game and that of many other people I have spoken too.

    “Character” Screens:

    I am calling these character screens because I don't know the official terms for them. You know how Death Knights get a cool blue screen for their toon? Humans get Stormwind, Elves have Darnassus, and Orcs get Durotar, etc. Well, I believe we should have an option for our character screen. Why? Well, it ruins my immersion if you want to call it that, when I see my warlock, who is dressed positively evil, standing on a Stormwind sidewalk with a tree behind her. She should be in some creepy cave or shadowy altar or something. It would be amazing, to be able to choose your little screen behind the avatars on start-up. Another reason for this change? Armory. Those are the screens we see when we armory ourselves... shouldn't they be fitting for our toons? Maybe class specific instead of faction/race?

    “Dance Studio”

    Whatever happened to that feature Blizzard mentioned once, where we would get to learn new dances? Was that an April Fools joke? Whatever it was a great idea, it gets tiring to see the same old dances doesn't it? Now seems a good time to add it, with the implementation of the new character models.

    “Old-School” PVP zones.

    Why, Oh why, is there not an only level 90 version of Wintergrasp and Tol Barad? It seems like an oversight. I really enjoyed those zones and didn't quite get my fill. Still missing some achievements and mounts from those two zones and yet, there’s NEVER anyone participating. Yes it's true, sometimes there are a few people who que (few being the key word,) but it simply isn't like it used to be. Making them max level and rewarding conquest points for a victory or valor, or something would certainly have people queuing for them again!

    On Major cities:

    All I want to say about this is, that it would be cool to be able to choose your city again and not have to suffer for it. As players we know Stormwind, Orgrimmar, and Shrine are the current hubs. It would be nice to make them all “equal” so to speak.

    On RNG:

    Blizzard, a lot of people hate your RNG. I don't hate it per se, but I am not in love with it. As an archaeologist, I can tell you, sometimes the RNG is simply too much. You need a way to make RNG less of an issue. For example, instead of making an archeology rare 100% RNG, perhaps turning in an obscene amount of “restored artifacts” will “unlock” one or something. I've been trying for that Undead mummified hand pet since Cata! Or, when it comes to gear, for example, maybe we can save our warforged sigils, and if we use like 5 we're guaranteed an item we need off that boss versus just using one per boss on a bonus roll that has RNG. I mean, keep RNG in the game, but provide an “outlet” in case we simply don't want to take our chances. Or we tire of the pitiful luck the fates gave us.

    Now, I know Blizzard is adding in all sorts of features for items. No more quest items in inventory, a page for our toys, our tabards, and eventually our gear (or so I've heard.) I simply want to say, this was a huge deal for many of my friends, and got quite a few of them excited to play again. Do not renege on this. It's bad enough you have us waiting til 6.0 Blizzard. I have toons with no bank space, no void storage, highest slot bags, and there are things I simply do not want to throw away!

    On Warlords of Draenor Changes:

    Overall, Blizzard has got some very interesting changes coming for Warlords of Draenor. Including some much needed ones. They also have some “scary” changes coming. We know there’s going to be an item squish and people are afraid it might impact soloing old content. We know they're completely reworking some racials, talents, certain professions, and stat weights. They are also concerned about “ability bloat” and may even remove some buttons permanently(!) Now, they seem pretty confident about these changes so I say we all give them the benefit of the doubt. However, I'm sure some of you all have something you dislike about the new expansion, it may even be a complete deal breaker for you. Let Blizzard know, voice your concerns.

    For example, I like that Blizzard is removing hit, expertise etc. but I am kinda irked about being unable to gem for stamina (since it is a primary stat) and the fact that they are nerfing tank damage by changing vengeance bothers me too. As a tank, I would still like to put up some decent DPS.

    It's in all our best interests to make this game better and more fun. For ourselves and for others. More players means more content, less queue times, etc.


    On a side note, I am really interested in the idea for more facial hair, tattoos, warpaint, and sub-races etc. That seems to be being thrown around. I think it's great.

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    I want Silver, Exodar and their respective areas redone to WoD standards, allowed flying and made to reflect the lore. thee xodar should be fixed and flying over kalimdor, possibly like dalaran but actually moving from zone to zone, and I would like Smc to reflect the repairs that were done since arthas

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