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    I started running on my Hunter with a couple of friends who played tank+heals, we started out in Undead Strat and ran all the lvl 60 content (Scholo, Strat, LBRS, UBRS, Dire Maul etc) and eventually got enough to start dabbling in ZG and AQ20. I think we mostly raided the 20-man content with around 17-18 players, whoever was online. I managed to do an Ony pug and a partial MC pug towards the end of Vanilla.

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    I got into raiding in Naxx 2.0. Fresh leveled 80, stepped into the raid and was half raid geared by the end of the night. Now people have stupidly high level requirements to even step foot into a raid. They don't want to help people or put in the least amount of effort to defeat content. Glad I'm not subbed this expansion.

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    I was about 12 or 13, was early, early wrath and i was on a warlock grinding shards; A paladin came out of nowhere asking if i wanted to pug something, can't remember the name of it now but i ended up joining his guild and raiding for a year.

    Was fantastic coming home from school to raid with a bunch of friends, thankfully my balls had dropped way before so i didn't sound like a girl on vent.

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    played vanilla, was on american server (am australian) never got into a raiding guild because i had to get up at 6am to raid (not gonna happen), BC rolled around and they did the whole "alliance gets shaman horde gets paladin" thing, offered my services to spam level a shaman for alliance side on release of BC in return i get a spot in a high end raiding guild as one of their shamans, got picked up by a naxx guild, did that until half way through kara, realized they were trash, went to another guild, got into gruuel, realized they were trash, got into another guild, did them until illidan kill (8th~ oceanic, 42 US 86 world). quit because i thought illidan was the end of the expansion and i didnt wanna grind the same shit for gear.

    havnt been raiding since

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    Started playing TBC when friends who got me into the game were into raiding. Played a Hunter back then and the Guild I was in asked me to help with Magtheridon. I helped, and then we decided to moved onto Black Temple, where we got up to Supremus. Also seem to remember being in Kara at one point. Didn't do much most/all of Wrath. End up swapping from Horde Lighbringer to Alliance Shadowsong in 3.3, leveling my Paladin and learning to tank Heroic Dungeons (Warrior experience at this time didn't go well). Ended up pugging ICC 25 as a DPS and getting past Lootship.

    Then all IRL Friends quit and besides tanking Dungeons in Cataclysm I barely did anything but PVP. Near the end I began to do LFR DS as DPS. I wanted to tank, but had no confidence and my Guild was friendly but not raiders.

    Then MoP came around. I said to myself I wanted to Tank Stone Guard/MSV on my Warrior, and leveled it to 90. It never happened on Normal in 5.0, and I just did LFR Tanking in 5.0/5.1/5.2. At this point (5.3) I decided it was time to start looking for a new guild, so with my new Level 90 DK, Dristereau, I put a message in trade. I got a reply from a Guild, who I had heard of on the server. Not entirely sure what happened but I ended up in Exhumed Shadowsong, my current Guild as off-tank for the Alt/Second Team ToT Runs, where we managed to down Ji-kun just before 5.4.

    Since 5.4 I've now done my original aim in MoP, which was to Tank Stone Guard in MSV on my Warrior. I also would end up going through ToES, ToT and ToT Heroic (Up to Durumu), which, whilst old content, was great to do. I've also managed to achieve CM Gold Sets on my DK, Paladin and Mage so far, and currently working on Warrior and probably rest of my Alliance Alts soon. Anyways, the Alt/Second Team became a Flex Run, which is able to clear 11 Bosses in three hours and has killed Garrosh repeatedly. Now, the Second Team has started moving onto working on Normals, and our first Normal Run of Siege last week we managed to kill Malkorok in our three hour raid.

    So despite me playing since TBC, I'd 5.3/5.4 was when I first raided properly, as TBC I was young and daft xD

    RIP The Mythic Dream

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    Leveled a Human warlock to raid in 2005, hit 60, did a world dragon, hated the warlock. Rerolled Horde, somehow got into a decent guild via healing a premade guild group doing a Baron run. Did some UBRS, then some ZG. I was insanely addicted. Worked my way up the guilds, ended up almost clearing Naxx.

    Every expansion I switch guilds, just to spice things up. I mean, I love the friends you meet, but there's no way I'd raid with the same people for 9-10 years. Ew. In a semi-casual 25s guild at the moment, up to Thok HC. I'm certainly never going to raid hardcore anymore - unless you're going for world-first, I really don't see the point of rushing it then being bored for the next few months 'til the next tier/expansion is released. Why not work your way through it with others? That's why I still play, anyway.

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    Back in vanilla, it was not really about "how you got into raiding", rather "every guild will raid once enough people are maxlevel".

    Our first raids were massive wipefests in Strat/Scholo and UBRS. We had fun though and eventually got going in MC, by having mixed raids with another finnish guild. Fast forward to BWL times and the two guilds were merged into one. Looking back I'm amazed how well those mixed raids worked back then, with such limited tools and basically nothing but a raid leader with a loud voice in vent. 80% of us players were pretty noobish as well and I don't think we ranked anywhere near the top as far as progression went. We did clear everything except classic naxx though.

    Close to BC I started playing on another server on allyside, due to another friend joining wow late and for whatever reason I felt like I needed a restart, so instead of playing a tank, I rolled a holy priest. I did surprisingly well with it and healing was a nice change of pace.

    I have not raided since naxx-eoe of wrath, though, except for the odd celestials/sha pug and the like.
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    I don't know how all of you people have such vivid memories of how you began raiding. All I remember is I started when Kara was current and then getting Hammer of Naaru on my enhance shammy in Gruul's Lair. I wish I had a better memory

    Oh yea, and Thottbot was a thing back then too!

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