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    Warrior help clean action bars up, un needed abilities etc

    Which abilities are needed as a DPS warrior? I am confused with what I actually need on my bars, pve and pvp stuff really.. anything I definitely dont need or shouldnt need on my bar, please tell me how I can clean up my bars a little bit

    Cant believe imageshack isnt free anymore, what can I use to upload pictures

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    Everything you have has a use, whether or not you use them is up to you. It'd be easier if you said what spec you were, though.

    Use Imgur.com to upload pictures.

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    Im arms just getting started with pvp

    show ya pic now

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    Imgur.com is a free image host, use that one for imagelinks.

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    Whirlwind and cleave are useless, everythink else generally has a use especially in PVP. Make sure to bind all banners individually.

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    Like Stryder said you can pretty much remove Whirlwind and Cleave as they're pretty terrible; you can remove Taunt, but macro it into some of your abilities for taunting pets in arena and maybe as a mouse-over for BGs/WPvP, but other than that you aren't going to be able to clean up your bars much for PvP.

    You need to keybind everything else for a start, including individual banners at least in some form such as an intervene macro for mobility. You're also missing Shattering Throw from what I can see.

    Quick list of things you need to keybind from the SS:

    Die By the Sword
    Rallying Cry
    Spell Reflection
    Intimidating Shout
    L45 talent (SS/PH/DS)
    Banners - Can macro Skull Banner into Reck and other DPS CDs / Mocking Banner into Safeguard/Intervene / use Demo manually.
    PvP Trinket
    Will of the Forsaken
    Stances (if you don't use the default binds anyway (CTRL+F1/F2/F3)

    Off-topic: I suggest you move your player & target from somewhat closer to where you can actually see them. The default position is terrible - the same goes for buffs and debuffs (use TellMeWhen or WeakAuras2).
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    You don't have everything keybinded, which is pretty abysmal, bind things to thinks like q-t, z-v, etc. (also shift/ctrl for mods)
    Make sure to bind all banners individually.
    Keybind stances to something like alt 1-3, also I see you have no shout at all? You have two DBTS, this is what my Arms looks like (keep in mind I legitimately use it for 1 fight in SOO, so it's not that fine tuned).

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    Do you use an mmo mouse or something how do you reach 8 9 - for binds Oo

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    Do you use an mmo mouse
    Yeah, G600.
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    What's the name of that Battlepet addon you're using?

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    Stances are binded to F1 F2 F3 always have been since tbc.
    Im thinking to macro ShieldWall&Die by the sword together, into the same HALP macro

    This is purely for PvP but before I completely remove cleave&whirlwind all together, are they both useless in pve as well? (Im hoping for a yes to be rid of them), otherwise ill have to keep them because I will be doing a little bit of casual pve as well, (Prot is my main pve spec) just wondering thats all

    Thanks for all the replies, very much appreciate the screenshot too. Looks nice that. Feel free for others to post yours too, they are really nice to see other warriors set ups

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    http://i.imgur.com/BQHwb90.jpg <- My current PvP binds, some are hidden.

    I wouldn't macro defensives together, especially not wall+dbts. Cleave is useless, and I think WW has some pve use for arms, but I could be wrong.
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    Whirlwind and Cleave has no use for arms at all. It's absolutely worthless to use them. Fury has great use of Whirlwind, but Cleave is useless there as well.
    As for prot, you don't have Whirlwind in your spellbook if I remember correctly. Cleave has its use for aoe trash packs and when Ultimatum (makes Heroic Strike and Cleave free) procs.

    Stances can be macroed into one button with modifiers.

    Mine is:
    /cast [modifier:shift] Berserker Stance; Battle Stance
    /cast [modifier:ctrl] Defensive Stance; Battle Stance

    I have it on my T keybind, so it works well. Saves action bar space.
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