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    I get a boner each time i gank a lowbie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aydinx2 View Post
    Dying to him.
    I never said it was wanted/voluntary interaction, but there are 2 players acting and reaction to the situation, therefore interaction.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Then why do you have to be PvP flagged for it to happen?
    If we put semantics aside whats the challenge for you in oneshotting a lowbie? If thats PvP for you you'll be in for a rude awakening in arenas/rbgs.

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    I've wondered the same thing. Lore/gameplay wise it makes sense. But it's basically pissing someone off for my own enjoyment. Is that good gameplay? IDK. Does add to immersion, and thats kind of what a PVP server is.

    Now people leveling through MOP, HA in an instant. Those alliance dogs on Ner'zhul/frostmane are nubs who always attack us. And they die cuz they suck. So I kill them!

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    it's funny when they desperately run away after ress and die on one hit

    when you are waiting for something and have nothing to do it's a great way of spending time.

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    "World PvP" in modern MMOs is one big LOL.

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    First of all..
    Quote Originally Posted by Romantic Novelist View Post
    I will /violin your corpse before you release and then screen shot your obscenities when you make a level one before reporting your harassing whisper to Blizzard and my day will be complete.
    "Quote Originally Posted by Rainistal View Post
    Obviously their tears and I like to imagine the person infront of the computer raging and swearing, it makes me feel happy" basically my reason for killing anyone in any game.
    These kinds of people are the worst kinds of gamers. It's sad that this attitude is something people take pride in flaunting, when in reality you've already lost if this is how you think.

    Second, Killing an enemy is fine, but when you keep killing them every time they rez when they're just trying to do their dailies or whatever then it's too far. Especially when they're under-geared or it's 2+ on 1(which seems to be the only time people attack).

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    If they're even 2 or 3 levels below you it really does make you a pathetic human being. No question.

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    I still remember trying to quest through Hyjal when I was on a PvP server. There TONS of max levels just running around 1 shotting people. Took me hours just to get past the starting zone because corpse running doesn't really work against players...

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    Guys with tiny dicks need something where they feel powerful and mighty. They would never admit their low self esteem problem. But that is the reason why there are such jerks.
    Atoms are liars, they make up everything!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lebonj View Post
    If they're even 2 or 3 levels below you it really does make you a pathetic human being. No question.
    Couldn't agree more. Those that don't have the guts to fight 90s, but still has to fight.. Camp a low level for hours, wtf is wrong with you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by joeyray View Post
    full 570 will roflstomp a fresh dinger as badly as it would be a lowbie. you basically have 0 zero chances unless the guy dc's or is actually afk.
    Zero chance to win, agreed, but if he gets off a single Flame Shock, Ice Lance or what have he'll have done infinitely more than the lowbie could. And you probably won't one shot him unless you use cooldowns.

    As stated, if a fresh 90 finds you AFK he will kill you in short order whereas a level 50 finding you AFK won't kill you, period.

    Trying to make such excuses is bullshit and ignores the other points I made.

    You are not creating world PvP as due to cross realm zones the Lowbie(s) can't even effectively call for help, nor can they get their mains. You want world PvP you better attack the other side where their 90s can already be found.

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    People do this because they want other people to feel bad. Anonymity breeds assholes.

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    I gank because I care.
    Hope you find what you are looking for.

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    Most of the people who gank just want the people they gank to log on a lvl 1 alt and insult them, then they take a screenshot of it and eventually report it.
    I know it, because I do it.
    I never gank lowbies though, I used to camp peoples on daily quests spots (Vale of the eternal blossom, then Isle of Thunder) for this reason.
    I'm now using the censer on the Timeless Isle for this reason but I don't camp peoples, I kill them once each 10 minutes as i'm interested in the title. Might start camping from times to times once I have it. I'm still camping the ones who rages on /1 or whisper though.

    But most of the time, they totally have their chance to fight back, I believe they even have the upper hand with this retardedly overpowered PvE gear.

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    I'm a bit random with how I interact with lowbies. I will usually /wave or something when I run into one while on my main. If they attempt to run away I usually chase them down and kill them. Though, if they wave back or something like that I will usually stick around and help them with a few quests if I'm bored or just /nod and leave if I'm doing something. I try to refrain from killing lowbies just cause an alt of mine was recently ganked, because that just perpetuates the cycle. I have on occasion used a main to gank a lowbie who was harassing my alt though, just to ease the leveling process.

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    Every and any time I can kill a gnome, it is a good time to kill a gnome.

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    I don't see why people find fun in it, but I don't usually mind until they really start taking the mick.

    Like today, levelling on a new server, get to 58 thinking OUTLAND TIME! But ooooooooh no, level 90 Alliance folks have plans to stop that.

    There was literally about 10 of them just blocking the portal completely, one-shot AoE'ing anything that went near... Now this got extremely frustrating and genuinely annoyed me to the point that reminded me of this thread.

    You see me walking in the open, go ahead, gank me... I honestly don't mind.

    But when you purposefully do it just to grief players and camp a certain area to stop you progressing, now riles me to no-end!
    Quote Originally Posted by Zoeii View Post
    I hereby would like to nominate this person for the tool award.
    Quote Originally Posted by Scuravolpe View Post
    Only if we get a pet for the disaster that was your parents deciding to breed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kryos View Post
    Guys with tiny dicks need something where they feel powerful and mighty. They would never admit their low self esteem problem. But that is the reason why there are such jerks.
    This could not be more true.
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    Mostly because it's funny to act sadistically towards others at times. Better to get it out in the game over real life.

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    I do it because its funny to see players squirm before my might.

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