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    The Alliance is my enemy. If they are dead, they are not progressing. If they are dead, that means they aren't harming other Horde members. If they flip to a geared 90, that's fine, but either way, i'm preventing my enemy from getting stronger. That's really all there is to it.

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    I play Wow mostly for PvP, i love the interaction between players and the skill level instead of the scripted mobs, but i just HATE ganking / camping / killing lowbies, i think it's a matter of frustration from the ganker who can't do a shit against players of his level, that's my point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by .Nensec View Post
    When I did it when I was on a pvp server still I did it mainly to spark world pvp.
    Ganking lowbies is a great way to piss them off and get them to log their main and bring friends.
    I hear this a lot. What I like to know is if you are really interested in people bringing their main, why not attack in the max level zones? Or maybe arrange city raids? Surely that is where you will find their main or max level characters.

    Yet it is always max level players attacking low level zones.

    So I tend to think it is not to get them to log their main and bring friends, it is just they can one shot other players.

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    I don't really kill lowbies unless some douche kills my low level alt . Then I log my main and kill 10 lowbies for revenge .
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    Cunts being cunts. That is the way of the interwebz these days and as my good buddy Bronn said....

    I'm a Forsaken. I kill firstborns while their mamas watch. I turn cities into salt. I even, when I feel like it, rip the souls from little girls, and from now till kingdom come, the only thing you can count on in your existence is never understanding why.

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    Quote Originally Posted by .Nensec View Post
    When I did it when I was on a pvp server still I did it mainly to spark world pvp.
    Ganking lowbies is a great way to piss them off and get them to log their main and bring friends.
    This was the same for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Durandro View Post
    Side note, I never understood why calling someone a Dragonslayer was an insult.

    Me neither really, when I got the achievement I think we were 2nd on the realm... So 20 people out of 8000 at the time - Something to be fairly proud of IMHO. But let's not get into a Dargonslayers v PvP Heroes argument :P

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    I think it comes most heavily near the end of an xpac. People get bored and rather then just do something else they would rather be bored and ruin other peoples days.

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    To me lowbie gankers are probably the same courageous guys that bully students three years younger or delight in tearing apart the wings of a fly.
    I can't imagine a true lover of pvp loving newbie ganking, in the same way a MMA champion will never jump on mr nobody.

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    For some people (just talking about 1 specific part of those who kill lowbies, not all of them), it seems to be the only way they can win at PvP. They don't like to lose (one could make an extremely long thread about "is losing in entertainment necessary") and killing lowbies allows them to win without losing.

    The fact that I can kill 2-3 at a time on my undergeared alts nearly every time speaks to how bad they are.

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    There's no pleasure in killing a lowbie, it's just a sacred duty, in order to remind people that they're playing Warcraft and that they're supposed to reach lvl 90 with hate in their hearts for the opposing faction, especially on PVP servers.

    Considering all the kum-ba-ya crap we've been forced to endure from the PVE storyline this expansion, most of us have to work overtime to remind people that no, we don't give a shit about the "sha" of anger, and that if it wants to "manifest", we'll kill it too, as many times as it takes.

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    Charm? I guess I would point out the countless threads that pose the same question. I would guess the same reason people are assholes in general over the internet, because they can be with no worry of having to face a penalty for doing so.

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    I'm a rogue, so I feel it's part of the job. I miss being on a PVP server.

    I'm of the feeling it's good for players, it keeps people on their toes a little while leveling and cautious, especially as levelling is such a cake walk. I loved Sapping people then watch them running off to the nearest towns, while spamming AOE so I wouldn't be able to creep up on them. I actually LOVE that with BoS I can run past lowbies even mounted and continue to pester them while never even showing myself.

    (also.. throwing explosive bunnies on the floor in low level areas is always fun)

    I want to reiterate - Killing them once, good fun, messing with them for ages and winding them up is always a laugh too. Corpse camping them so they can't do anything is for losers though (unless they're a few levels below you and thought they could try and gank you.. then feel free to ruin their day)

    I take being a rogue too seriously though. When I've been ganked by people several levels higher than me, you wouldn't believe the amount of time I can stalk them for the opportune moments to destroy them.. repeatedly. I followed a hunter for half an hour once. I didnt' even kill him. I thought CCing him while I killed the rare he was trying to tame was punishment enough

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    Quote Originally Posted by .Nensec View Post
    When I did it when I was on a pvp server still I did it mainly to spark world pvp.
    Ganking lowbies is a great way to piss them off and get them to log their main and bring friends.
    How often do people actually log their main these days and gather a group of friends to kill a ganker? Just curious if this actually happens.

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    For me, it was the "why not let a good deed go around" thing, when I got jumped by some (insert max level character of whatever type). I enjoyed taking my rogue to an inn in duskwood or where ever and killing all the idlers and random questers that came in. Not killing npcs, mind you, since those world defense spam messages might draw in higher levels. This was in vanilla and around midpart of bc I was bored enough of pvp to transfer all my characters off of pvp servers for good. Have not regretted for a second.

    Now world pvp while farming tubers, mining/herbing and even while just waiting for the raid to gather, that was all in good fun, mindcontrolled swimmingtrips to lava and all. It was really the ganking part that put me off of pvp. Since then, while on pve servers you occasionally see people who have enabled pvp, I /laugh /point or /silly them, whatever their level.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wilian View Post
    To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women! .. Of course. + if it worked like old WoW it'd probably cause a major PvP event when friends are called in and rushing for aid.
    Usually those gankers flee when they encounter a situation where they dont have a huge advantage, I levelled on a pvp server during vanilla but usually when you get friends over to corpsecamp the gankers they just leave/log off, which is not weird since usually they dont have many friends ingame.

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    Cause pvp server...that's why.

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    You guys realize that the opposite faction isn't really comprised of dwarfs and night elves, right? That they're people like you, playing the game and trying to enjoy it. You killing off a level 20 Alliance druid isn't actually hindering their war efforts in the game. Because it's a game. It's not really happening. I just want to make sure you guys actually know this and aren't getting confused, because I see an awful lot of the "they're the opposite faction, we need to kill them for Garrosh!" mentality around these parts and it's...well, it's getting a little weird.

    That said, the only reason to gank lowbies is literally to be a dickhead and nothing more. One of two things is happening: Either you're keeping someone from leveling yet another alt through that tedious fucking grind to 90, or you're introducing a new player to WoW in the most aggressive way possible, like Mike Tyson teaching you how to get to second base. It takes a real cocksucker to attempt to turn new players away from a game that you love and want to be successful, and even more so if it's someone trying to level an alt because that's already punishment enough. If you want to prove you're a PVP hero, go queue up without a premade and win some BGS for your side by yourself. Otherwise, you're not PVPing. You're just being a dick. Congrats.

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    Quote Originally Posted by runedhill View Post
    People do it because they can, there is no set reason. Maybe their lowbie died a bunch of times and they're looking for the 90 who did it. Maybe they're just mean.

    You're being so pretentious and it's kind of infuriating.
    Try asking us like we're actual people instead of "intriguing" test subjects - it's offensive.
    Lol he just wants to know what makes some people tick. Nothing wrong with that. If you consider yourself as a test subject and find offense based on the questions he asked, it just shows you're his target demographic. Pretentious lol.

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    OP, there's an excuse book a mile long for it. Simply smile when it happens, know better, and move along.
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