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    Warlords of Draenor Cinematic and Release Date - November 13, 2014

    Warlords of Draenor Release - November 13, 2014
    Warlords of Draenor will be released the Thursday after Blizzcon!

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    Great cinematic, MUCH better than from Cata and MoP. WotLK is still better though.

    Kinda weird to see Grom killing Mannoroth the exact same way as in the WC3 cinematic


    The release date is a lot later than I thought.

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    omg man, the feels

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    11.13.2014! Better than expected hope they can make it

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    Well that didn't take long. Comes out before Pokemon Alpha & Omega, November is gonna be a fun month for me :>

    "Scientists explore what is; engineers create what has not been." -Theodore Von Karman

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    Well, that was quick to put online !

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    Garrosh redeemed himself haha

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    so we have 4 days to be 100 for the corehound mount

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    My very first call was the 10th anniversary week.

    But DAMN, that's a long ass time from now...

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    Yay was only off by a few days was thinking 25th Nov myself but 13th yeah makes more sense! Cool trailer can't wait to fight a bunch of guys in just fur pants!

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    World of Orcraft, Rise of the Orcs?

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    The cinematic wasn't long enough, I wanted more action!

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    5 days earlier than my first thought. Sounds like we all have got a long weekend ahead of us there!!

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    Thursday seems like such an odd date to start an xpac. Maybe to give a full weekend to lvl to max and open up raiding on the following tuesday?

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    I came everywhere, Cinematic was amazing, was not let down.

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    Fucking retards, that gives you 1 day to travel back from Blizzcon. REALLY dissapointed in the release date.

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    Wow where there a lot of fat, living in basement types at that event.

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    Hahaha that release date, "OH DEFFO SEPTEMBER GUISE!!".

    Well that confirms a refund for me, the cinematic was decent though, as was the animated series, but meh, I've waited long enough with the same content I'm not going to wait months longer.

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