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    4pc worth it for assassin?

    Should i rock the 4pc as assassin or just go with 2pc and warforged/heroic pieces in other slots?

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    The 4pc isn't super valuable, but I believe it still outweighs HWF offpieces. Check ShC to be sure.

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    Maybe if you can get atleast flex or normal, but i would not not swap Ordos gear for LFR 4pc bonus.

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    Having at least a half a tier difference (so two warforged pieces if you have normal tier) does outweight the 4pc as long as you're running with siegecrafter's trinket. 4pc+cd trinket was formulated to be ~1% lower, but it's most likely on par if not slightly superior due to how shadowcraft handles cooldowns which negates the added value the bonuses have as they actually happen together and not smoothed out during a large interval.
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