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    Question Which role playing realm in Europe has most active role play & nice community?

    Which role playing realm in Europe has most active role play & nice community?

    I do not ask which server has the most people.

    Seems there are a lot of people on RP servers that are not role player, it does not bother me, but there are several people on the RP server that creates guild called "Gnomes With Big Dks" and have names like "Orcfarts" and "NotForSale", etc and so on..

    So if you have any experience, please do share.

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    I think Argent Dawn has an active RP community, I can't say for sure myself, but the times i have been on my lowbie in silvermoon city, there are always people RP'ing, as for events and such I do not know.

    My mains realm is also an RP realm, but medium pop and over the years the big RP guilds have dwindled, don't see much random RP happening these days, and even the forums have ground to a halt, I think there are still some Horde guilds on my realm (darkmoon faire) that hold events but for guildies only, but I play mainly alliance.

    Might be worth your while checking out the EU RP realms forums, and ask around/read around and see if anything suitable catches your eye

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    I'm on Argent Dawn myself and it is fairly active and most people seem to be rather friendly when it comes to RP. You won't be stuck for finding an RP guild I will tell you that much, and the main rp 'hub' seems to be Silvermoon City with many blood elves =P

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    Argent Dawn for the win!

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    It takes 15 minutes to load http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/, so it's bit hard at the moment to do any discussing there, not sure what is going on.
    Can't even log on the game. Sad! Maybe it's just me.

    Argent Dawn seem fairly popular, but with the new expansion, do you think both the Horde and the Alliance will have a boost in role players wanting to go to Draenor? Or will they stay in Stormwind City and Orgrimmar?

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