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    Quote Originally Posted by -Skye View Post
    Should all the people who did the old wotlk metas be enraged because they lost some achievement points?
    I got a little bugged, but not for long. There were plenty of new points to replace those.

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    huh. Did not know people looked at that number.

    I´m more of "need all of them" guy, so I would be more mad, if they took them away, before I could get them all^^
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    I'd rather have the FoS.

    420 achieve points will more than likely be granted just through levelling by exploration, quests, possible rares, dynamic events, garrisons, etc, very very easy to get back.

    It makes sense to remove MoP CM in WoD to me, glad I got it, would of been nice to get some other sets and the other two mounts, but I have it on my main so its cool.

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    Achievement points are useless. If everyones points are removed when it becomes a feat, then you are no better or worse off position.

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    I don't see the big issue here... achievements don't mean crap in this game unless you have the 2700 3v3 achievements or the hardest PvE ones from heroic garrosh. If all you have is a bunch of achievements revolving around doing simple heroics or killing random critters around the world, then it doesn't matter if you have 90% of the achievements done. Who cares if a bunch of challenge modes become FoS, they weren't challenging to begin with so hop off your ego horse. Besides, when you simplify fractions which is exactly what blizzard is doing, you subtract the same from the numerator and denominator... so how are you even pissed if your total achievement points goes down, but so does the overall cap? Is 15/25 less than 30/50? or how about 3/5? Either way you still have the same % of achievements.

    Tired of people complaining about achievements when they don't even have the hard ones. It's like LFR players complaining about who has the best gear and who does the most dps when they're all really bad in comparison to heroic raiders. Lets settle down and accept the fact that nothing big is really happening.
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    They're just points... I'm more concerned about the Challenge Master feats.

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    When are they likely to end?

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    I understand the frustration of losing the ~400 achievement points (i for one am sad that they will be taken away from me) but do you not think there will be TONS of new achievements added in WoD that will more than make up for the 400 AP loss? For example just look at what happened with mounts, during WotLK and even Cata reaching 100 mounts took some effort, once MoP launched the 100 mount achievement became just another stepping stone on your way towards the next achievement (since they created so many mounts in MoP).

    If you have your 9/9 gold achievements you will still have your transmog, title and mount in addition to the new FoS.New Warlords of Draenor achievements will most definitely make up for the loss of these 400 points.

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    Today I learned that pure Achievement Points mean more than Feats of Strength. Whaaaaaat?!
    Quote Originally Posted by Novakhoro View Post
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    Dunno why people cry.. about this, getting gold is so god damn easy, u can click your way into Gold rank, IM NOT EVEN KIDDING... clickers getting gold makes me believe its too easy, and achievement points dont mean shit. Everyone and their momma have this achievements and I believe its best that they stay with points, cuz FoS are FoS for a reason

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    I'd prefer to keep them as Achievements instead of turning into Feat of Strength(s).

    ...Now I need to find another source to boost-up my points then.
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    A better expansion.
    Wish I did cms on more toons like Druid, oh well.

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    Don't really care, I've done at least 9+ full runs, but mostly on the same 2 toons. Going to get a third set due to this announcement and no fucks will be given, especially since there will be thousands more ach points to get in WoD. (The only people really bothered have severe OCD, I know a few people like that)
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    I don't understand how this is any different from other expansions, where removed content's achievements got shifted to FoS?

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    Quote Originally Posted by blackblade View Post
    Rule of Thumb: If the Achieve can become "Unobtainable" it will be made an FoS, and it's AP revoked.

    Personally, It makes more sense to leave the achievements and CM difficulties, and simply remove the rewards (a-la black/plauged proto drake)
    i think this is closer to whats going to happen

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    Will shado-master go the same way or will it be nerfed to not include the achieve?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Veyne View Post
    Today I learned that pure Achievement Points mean more than Feats of Strength. Whaaaaaat?!
    Yeah, because FoS's connected to weapon skills, random dungeon farms, even conquest farm, means so much more... Right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Combooticus View Post
    Will shado-master go the same way or will it be nerfed to not include the achieve?
    most likely just removing it from the meta.. yaay another thing down the drain. well, not really, but still >.<
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    They're most likely making proving grounds a feat too

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    Unlike CMs, which have a timed competitive nature to them, Proving Grounds can be rebalanced to the new stats without much of a fuss. The only reason they're taking down the current CMs is because of that timed element to it that would be fudged up.

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