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    A question/advice request about pet battles

    Hey folks!

    As a person who has always collected pets, but never got into battling, im finally dusting off my pets and trying to get some to level 25 so i could go around and collect stuff.
    However im quite clueless, and have discovered to my great dismay that most of my favourite pets seem very weak compared to others.

    My question comes here:

    From the point of view of people more experienced in this than me, what 3 pets would you recommend i go for if:
    -I dont care about competitive battling. Ill probably do some later for achies, but that's it
    -I want a team that is good at battling and capturing without me having to level 2-3 extras to switch in/out (it's already a pain to me to level the main 3).

    Any tips please?
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    Have at least one pet with a Beast-type attack without cooldown. If you have anything with a healing ability, abuse the bastard.
    You want the beast-type attacker because there are ALWAYS critters around. Seriously, they're everywhere. The healing I recommend for capturing purposes, so that you can keep your pet up while flinging traps at the opponent.

    This dude can be helpful.

    To be honest, I shouldn't give advice, since everything I know is trial/error-based xD That's how I always play pet battlers.
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    you'll basically want 4 pets, 90% of wild pets are beasts/critters/flying/aquatic.

    so if you have a mechanical/beast/dragon/flying you should be good for most fights, mech/beast/flying are strong vs beast/critter/aquatic, and i find dragons to be better vs flying than magic because with a heal and flying weak vs dragons it's superior to magic imo.

    i'd say something like a
    darkmoon tonk as as mech
    celestial dragon for dragon
    pterrordax hatchling for flying
    darkmoon cub as a beast

    3 of those have a heal which should help a lot, also if you want anubisath idol is a standard overpowered pet kills anything that hits multiple times but low damage.

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    First of all, make sure that the pets you're using are of rare quality.

    - Lil' Bad Wolf from Karazhan is a good grinding pet that is easy to aquire. If you're unlucky with farming it, you can usually buy it for a few hundred G at AH. It's a humanoid (that takes less damage from critter abilitites) with beast attack (that is strong against critters). Humanoids also have their passive self healing that reduces downtime.
    - Another option is the Stunted Yeti from Feralas, but that one is not always rare like the Wolf and has limited spawnpoints. And you need to level other pets up a bit before you can farm it efficiently.
    - While critters are the most common pet type found out in the world, it's good to have a few pets that are strong against other common pet types. Especially since doing trainer daily quests give lots of pet exp.
    - For example Son of Animus (can be gotten off AH, but it's usually alot more expensive than the Wolf) is a great beast killer with near zero downtime.
    - Arcane Eye can be found outside Karazhan. If I remember correctly they are like level 16ish, but the quirk is that they are the only higher level pets that don't bring backup. Which means that you can relatively easy tame them with a team of lower level pets. They are also magical, which is one of the rarest pet types and an excellent counter to flyers.
    - Terrible Turnip is easy to get and very helpful when taming pets. Especially lower level ones.
    - Once you've gotten enough level 25 pets to do the celestial tournament, you could get Xu-Fu. Xu-Fu is probably the best critter-farmer in the game if you want to power-level more pets (for example in Vot4W where there's loads of harmless level 20+ critters).

    Lastly, I would suggest that you focus on getting 2 pets (preferably critter killers, like the ones mentioned above) to 25 before you bother with leveling more pets. Once you have 2 level 25 pets, you can powerlevel a 3rd lower level pet very quick. Pets that are 25 doesn't count when the game is dividing the exp. So the boosted pet will get full exp as if it was doing the battles solo, plus the bonus exp from the opponents being higher level.

    Edit: If you have access to Lil' Tarecgosa she is a great counter to any flyers. There are also a number of other dragons with magical attacks, but most of them are higher level and need to be tamed. The best option I can think of that doesn't require you to have other high level pets to get, is the Emerald Whelpling that is a rare drop from green dragons in Feralas (and can be found on the AH).
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    So would you say leveling a team of Lil Bad Wolf, Son of Animus and Terrible Turnip as the first 3 pets would be a decent idea?

    ATM my highest are lvl 11 celestial dragon, 11 nether faerie dragon and 11 netherspace abyssal, with some random 8/9 snakes, beetles etc i caught
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