Thanks to Kyssah, we have a New Wow Machinima Tool out, (Free Fare Sight).

So with the ability to make movies with this powerful/awesome tool, I am starting a thread for people to post what they have done with the tool so far. The main focal of this thread will be on the tool itself, so try and stay close to that, if you have videos with it mixed with other things, like after effects for videos that's fine. so get to posting people! Explain your motivation for said video/stills that you link!

I'll start to get this moving of course.

I wanted to see how out of place I could make myself feel in this clip, as in, by changing the color/lighting of the scene. Without the Map/UI on, I ended up going the wrong way, my target being Tyr's Hand. I had gone up north without even realizing it for a bit here. So I am happy with those kind of results! another note I liked about it, was just how creepy this can make wow. the 2nd player I ran into, actually startled me a bit cause they render/pop up so close to me.


This clip is from the Old WMV tool, its from an old intro I was working on for my guild at the time. what I was wanting to achieve with this clip was to get a movie cinematic feeling, I think I succeeded there!


Another old clip, Note this one is NOT just the FFS/WMV Tool. (beginning and middle are) I stumbled across an effect with transitions that I was quiet happy with here.