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    Question Please Help me at Klaxxi 10m HC

    I can't post logs right now, totally forgot to save them. So... I know a lot of classes need AoE damage for Ember (Warlocks) for exemple and other stuff, thats why I'm so under them at DPS and I'm ok with that. But I just can't feel me doing a great DPS at this encounter and I'm here asking for help, for tips, tricks anything that could put me in a better position. World of Logs ain't posting logs of this fight so I just don't have any idea if I'm under or over the middle.

    My armory can be founded at myt signature with the gear and spec I'm using for this fight. Any adicional info ask me and I'll give you. Just please guys, help a fellow rogue!!!

    I know, my english sucks, sorry about that, if can't understand something, just tell me and I'm going to try to explain in a better way.

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    Honestly, if your guild is progressing on heroic klaxxi, then you should be more concerned with survival and actually hitting what you're supposed to be hitting. Any dps check should be irrelevant provided everyone else is alive and running their rotations at anywhere near a competent level.

    As to tips, my only experience is in 25man, so take this for what it's worth. My guild's kill order is: Bloodseeker -> Dissector -> Prime (bait with Swarmkeeper) -> Swarmkeeper -> Poisoned-Mind -> Lucid -> Manipulator -> Locust -> Wind-Reaver
    • If in doubt, use Feint.
    • If you're playing sub, use shadowstep to find the boss's back if your tanks like to turn randomly like mine do.
    • Kick Parasites' Feed cast whenever you can - especially if it is targetting you. Parasites are fully cc-able so, if you can, blind one.
    • If you are an Aim soaker, I'd suggest emphasizing the Aim timer on bigwigs or watching the timer closely and learning the patterns of when you typically need to go soak them.
    • The 4th Aim can be tricky depending on your guild's kill order. For my guild, that Aim typically happens during Rapid Fire and Whirling so getting to my spot in the line can sometimes be rough. Our kill order is Bloodseeker->Dissector->Prime (the 4th Aim comes out as Dissector dies and Prime enters the fight).
    • When DPSing Swarmkeeper, run out of melee during Rapid Fire.
    • When DPSing Swarmkeeper, run out of melee during Rapid Fire.
    • Keep Feint up (with Elusiveness) during Fiery edge to help your healers. If your healers are struggling with Fiery Edge damage, just run out of melee if it is on you.
    • Be sure to get out of melee if your color matches the Poisoned-Mind's catalyst. You don't need to run all the way to the wall for purple and green catalysts. You can cloak soak green puddles (I think). Try to soak the green puddles whenever your 10s debuff falls off to help clear the room and cloak to remove the stacking debuff whenever possible.
    • Don't run into any Kunchongs - you'll die instantly and spawn an add.
    • Don't Killing Spree if the Manipulator is already casting Sonic Projection - or if you are going to, be sure to Feint beforehand to mitigate the chance of you taking a full hit and dying. Making a "/cancelaura Killing Spree" macro can be very helpful if you are going to eat a Sonic Projection.
    • You should be able to DPS Wind-Reaver during Reave - just keep Feint up. Using smoke bomb on Wind-Reaver during a Reave should help other melee continue dpsing as well.
    • Be wary of Whirling, it procs around the time the green line fades so make sure you're not standing nearby. After around the 3rd or 4th boss, eating a Whirling without Feint up will probably result in death.

    This fight is pretty long and, barring poor strategy, individual mistakes are what cause wipes not low dps.

    If ranks are what you are after, I cannot help and I doubt anyone will without logs.
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    As a raid leading Rogue I will love you forever more for missing the top ranks but staying alive.

    I cry tears of blood when I watch a tunneling melee die to Rapid Fire or a designated Rogue doesnt bother to run out and soak an aim with feint.

    And this still happens even though it's been on farm for 3 months!

    *grumbles angrily about his melee team*

    As Latreese said in progression you should all focus on staying alive over maxing out - Example: the 900k lock may look like the bees knees but if hes dead by Xaril 9 times out of 10 he's just a liability.

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    Fuc* ranks! I'm following your calls, staying alive at this fight is way more important, I see that, a dead dps cant dps.
    Thanks guys, were seeing this fight a bit retard 'till now. I promise you... I'LL SURVIVE! hahahah thanks for the tips, really really important!

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