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    Fastest way to obtain Justice Point cap

    Whats the fastest way to farm justice points these days? Someone told me to solo non heroic dungeons.. others say just random heroics.

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    Random heroics, you can about 4k an hour with a good group. 2k an hour with a crap group.

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    I vote just random Heroics.

    If you're a well geared tank it's stupidly fast. Or if you have a healer it's also quicker.

    If you're stuck as a DPS then it's going to take quite a bit longer unless you can get someone to come and tank/heal for you.

    I play a Rogue, so i'm always stuck as just DPS, but even then I can get capped easily and quickly in Heroics.
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    Id say get a solid geared group, get a plate dps to Q as tank and you will breeze through heroics in less than 7 minutes.

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