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    Question Hand of Purity tooltip shows a 6 second cooldown?

    My holy paladin is currently at lvl 80, so i was changing some talents around for cataclysm - and wanted to give Hand of Purity a chance, even though it seems very situational.

    Now here is my confusion: before i spec into the Hand of Purity, it's tooltip (in talents panel) shows that it has a 6 second cooldown.

    As soon as i actually learn the Hand of Purity, that tooltip changes to 30 seconds of cooldown - and it truly is a 30 second cooldown.

    Here is the picture of the 6 second cooldown version:

    Sorry for the large picture
    As far as i know, both Ret and Prot also have a 30 seconds cooldown on the Hand of Purity.

    So does anyone have any idea why does it show 6 seconds of cooldown?

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    It's a bug. I don't know what causes this bug to happen, but once you are specced into it the correct cooldown of 30 seconds is applied to the tooltip.

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    it was 6 seconds ages and ages ago iirc but then got changed, blizzard forgot to correct it by the looks of it. It's not a very good talent anyways, maybe useful in some situations but not many. Kinda strong on Monk Tanks if you time it well but nothing superb
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    Quote Originally Posted by Huntingbear_grimbatol View Post
    It's not a very good talent anyways, maybe useful in some situations but not many.
    It's very situational but when the right situation arises its superb. Although the last 6 seconds of Haromms debuff is the only current use that comes to mind.

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    its pretty decent for the debuff on the tanks for heroic immers. and its good for high stacks of the tank debuff on garrosh.

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