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    My First Class Idea Thread: Demon Hunter

    I know these threads are a dime a dozen, but that doesn't stop me from wanting to try my hand at it. This hopefully will be found as an interesting take on a concept that has been beaten to death. I try to address the issue of Meta being taken by warlocks by drawing on outside concepts such as Naruto and a little bit of Baby Vegeta (Aesthetics only).

    I also would like to say, I read that thread a while back with Deconstruction as a way to handle armor, and I really liked that but I cannot remember who came up with it. So with whoever's permission I would like that in this concept, if not that is okay as well, just PM me, and I can either give you credit in this thread or take the whole notion out.

    Before I jump into the concepts, I feel a little background is required. I know most of the other threads are just seeing Demon Hunters as this type of person who is dark and brooding, uses fel energy to attack and is fused with a demon, doesn't matter what kind. To me though, the Demon makes the hunter and my Specs will be based off what kind of Demon the DH has been fused with. Originally I was going to have Pit Lord (Tank), Eredar (Caster DPS) and Nathrezim (Melee DPS), but just today, I came up with a different concept, as follows: Pit Lord (Tank), Eredar (Melee DPS[think fel enhance]) and Nathrezim (Healer). So with out further ado, to the concepts! and I look forward to your critiques and criticisms. Hopefully we can keep useless comments out and together as a community figure out a way to make a class that appeals to us all, or at least a majority.

    OH, one last thing. Illidan is a bitch. I want to get that out of the way, even back whilst playing War3, I loved demon hunters as a concept, but the Hero it self I found boring, and I found Illidan silly. He turned on his brother and society to help summon demons because he couldn't get with a girl. That is super emo, not bad ass and totally a baby hissy fit, not a totes badass. So all of you who say Demon Hunters = Illidan Fanboys, stop, its not that at all. Thank you.

    one Last thing, this will not be fully done today, and i will be updating as I iron out ideas and details, sometimes its hard for me to get out concrete ideas.

    Demon Hunter Hero Class:
    Races: Blood Elf, Human, Night Elf, Orc. I have only 4 races because I want the art for each level of transformation shown to be race specific, like druid forms, and if there was more races viable, chances of unique art exponentially drop.

    Armor: Leather, visible from the waist down, and if I can get the okay for deconstruction, chest, wrist, hands, shoulder and head will be demonic tattoos. Also not as part of the armor, all DM will have a permanent blindfold (just for aesthetics.) Also I know there is a mail armor hole, but I personally believe that Tinkers will be a class and they fit Mail better than Demon Hunters, on top of the fact that Demon Hunters have been said to need less restricting and bulky armor to be able to fight. They are Nimble

    Weapons: 1H Swords, Daggers, Fist Weapons, Staves. Maybe Glaives if those get added as a new weapon class, but if not they fit into 1H swords

    Resources:Mana, Demonic Influence, Demonic Seals(total of 3).

    This is where it gets a little complicated, so bear with me. Base Abilities cost Mana and generate Demonic Influence, DI does not deteriorate unless, an ability that costs DI is used. Once you get a bar of DI to 100% a Demonic Seal is broken and all abilities change slightly (higher dmg, higher costs, higher DI generation, shorter cds, extra effects).

    The point is to maintain balance between broken seals, phases of a fight and so on. The broken seals is my way of dealing with Locks having Meta. Illidan didn't get Meta in War3 until he consumed the skull of Gul'dan, an immensely powerful demonic artifact, which permanently transformed him into an "Outsider" or Demonic Entity. Most Demon hunters, lore wise, fuse with a demon to get skills and abilities to fight demons, but that doesn't not mean they outright wish to be demons themselves. I like to think my seal idea, shows that the changes happen, like they do in Naruto, the longer the fight the more emotional the DH gets and the demon inside tries to exert itself.

    Now I also mentioned Baby Vegeta, but only for aesthetics, if you look at his forms and Baby's influence, he changes, and Armor is part of that change:

    As the Seals break, the DH would get new cosmetic additions, sort of like a Lock does while building DF, only instead of lasting while the bar was filled, they would last until Seal level was changed. But previous levels would stay, so the addition of 1 Seal, stays along with the next from 2 seals broken. The Way I see it:

    Eredar: 1 Seal Broken: Glowing Demonic rune above forehead, like what draenei have during GotN only Demonic, 2 Seals Broken: Hooved legs, and tail, 3 Seals Broken: Bracers and Mantle.

    Nathrezim: 1 Seal: Horns, 2 Seals: wings and claws, 3 Seals: chestplate

    Pit Lord: 1 Seal: Tusks and Tiny wings, 2 Seals: Centaur body and tail, 3 Seals Broken: Stomachplate and shoulder pads

    Again this is my way of having a Demon Hunter with Meta, without Taking or Changing a Warlocks own Meta.

    Spells and Abilities:

    Demonic Speed: Increases Movement Speed and Dodge Chance by 15%

    Nether Gate: Summons Portal to take Demon Hunter to Starting Area, Cast Again to Return to where you were

    Demonic Sealing: Reseals a Broken Seal. 3 second channel. needs at least 75% DI, but consumes 100% of current DI

    Legion Strike: Empowers weapon with Shadow Magic, deals X weapon Dmg. Y Mana, builds Z DI, 6 sec CD.
    1 Seal: 1.25X Dmg, 1.25Y Mana, 1.2Z DI
    2 Seals: 1.5X Dmg, 1.75Y Mana, 1.4Z DI, 5 Sec CD, Adds 1 stack of Fel Corruption
    3 Seals: 2X Dmg, 2.5Y Mana, 1.6Z DI, 5 Sec CD, 2 stacks of Fel Corruption

    Fel Corruption: Stacks up to 4 times, increases damage of Chaotic Surge by 33% per stack, lasts 10 secs

    Chaotic Surge: Blasts target with X Shaowflame Dmg. Y Mana, builds Z DI. 12 Sec CD
    1 Seal: 1.25X Dmg, 1.25Y Mana, 1.3Z DI
    2 Seals: 1.25X Dmg, 1.75Y Mana, 1.6Z DI, 10 Sec CD, adds 4 Sec Burn for .2(1.25X Dmg)/Per Sec
    3 Seals: 1.75X Dmg, 2.75Y Mana, 2Z DI, 10 Sec CD, 5 Sec Burn for .2(1.75X Dmg)/ Per Sec

    Demonic Skin: Reduces damage taken by 20%. Lasts 12 secs. Builds by 4% for 5 secs. costs X DI, 60 Sec CD
    1 Seal: 5% for 5 seconds, Lasts 12 seconds, 1.25 X DI
    2 Seals: 6% for 5 Seconds, Lasts 12 seconds, 75 Sec CD, 1.5X DI
    3 Seals: 7% for 5 Seconds, Lasts 15 seconds, 90 Sec CD, 1.75X DI

    Fel Gift: Heals Target for X, Costs Y Mana, Builds Z DI. 1.75 Sec Cast
    1 Seal: 1.25X Heal, 1.5Y Mana, 1.5Z DI
    2 Seals: 1.5X Heal, 1.75Y Mana, 2Z DI
    3 Seals: 1.8X Heal, 2.25Y Mana, 2Z DI

    The Soul Hungers (Passive): For 6 seconds after killing a target that yields experience or honor, Fel Gift is instant (Pit Lord and Eredar)

    Nether Rift: Teleports behind target, dealing X Nether (shadowarcane) Dmg. Costs Y DI, 25 Sec CD, 20 Yd Range
    1 Seal: 1.3X Dmg, 1.5Y DI, 25 Sec CD
    2 Seals: 1.6X Dmg, 2.25 DI, 25 Sec CD, 30 Yd Range
    3 Seals: 2X Dmg, 2.5 DI, 25 Sec Cd, 20 Yd Range

    Void Slash: Deals X Nether Dmg, Costs Y Mana, Builds Z DI, 8 Sec CD
    1 Seal: 1.3X Dmg, 1.4Y Mana, 1.4Z DI
    2 Seals: 1.6X Dmg, 1.8Y Mana, 1.8Z DI, 2% to cause Entropic Calamity (deals 3.5X Dmg to all enemies in 10 yrds, split evenly)
    3 Seals: 2X Dmg, 2.25Y Mana, 2Z DI, 4% Entropic Calamity

    Lingering Nether(Passive): 4% Chance to Reset CD on Nether Rift, and have it cost 50%
    1 Seal: 6% Chance
    2 Seals: 8% Chance
    3 Seals: 10% Chance

    Mana Burn: Deals X Nether Dmg, drains 5% of Targets Resource (mana, energy, focus, rage, RP, DI), Costs Y DI
    1 Seal: 1.5X Dmg, 2Y DI
    2 Seals: 1.5X Dmg, 2Y DI, 7.5% of Resource, If target doesn't have at least 7.5%, deals another .75X Dmg
    3 Seals: 2X Dmg, 2.5Y DI, If not enough resource, deals extra 1X Dmg

    Vampiric Drain: Hits target for X Shadow Dmg. Costs Y Mana, builds Z DI, 2.25 Sec Cast, Grants a stack of Blood Hunger
    1 Seal: 1.25X Dmg, 1.3Y Mana, 1.3Z DI
    2 Seals: 1.5X Dmg, 1.75Y Mana, 1.75DI
    3 Seals: 1.6X Dmg, 2Y Mana, 2Z DI, 1.8 Sec Cast

    Blood Hunger (Passive): Increases healed amount of Dread Pact by (15/30/50%) per stack, stacks 3 times. Lasts 12 Secs

    Dread Pact: The Demon Hunter Sacrifices health to heal friendly target. Sacrifices X Health, heals 1.3X, Costs Y DI, 8 sec CD
    1 Seal: X for 1.8X, 1.6Y DI
    2 Seals: 1.6X for 2.3X, 2.25Y DI
    3 Seals: 2X for 3X, 3Z DI

    Dark Swarm: Surrounds target in a field of shadow energy, dealing X Dmg/Tick and healing the Demon Hunter for Y/Tick. Costs Z Mana, Builds A Demonic Influence. 1.25 Sec Cast, Lasts 8 seconds
    1 Seal: 1.25Y/Tick, 1.5Z Mana, 1.25A DI
    2 Seals: 1.3X/Tick, 1.5Y/Tick, 1.9Z Mana, 1.5A DI
    3 Seals: 1.6X/Tick, 1.8Y/Tick, 2.4Z Mana, 1.75A DI

    Miasmatic Cloud: AoE Heal, Damages Demon Hunter X% of HP/Tick, heals Y% Health/Tick, Costs Z DI, 20 Sec CD
    1 Seal: 1.25X%/Tick, 1.3Y%/Tick, 1.5Z DI
    2 Seals: 1.4X%/Tick, 1.6Y%/Tick, 1.8Z DI, 18 Sec CD
    3 Seals: 1.75X%/Tick, 2.2Y%/Tick, 2.25Z DI, 15 Sec CD

    Carrion Symbiosis (Passive): While at least one target is affected by Dark Swarm, Miasmatic Cloud heals and extra .45X of Dark Swarms damage per Tick.

    Demonic Regeneration: Rapidly regain 30% health over 7 seconds. Costs X Mana and Y DI. 30 Sec CD
    1 Seal: 35% Health, 1.3X Mana, 1.3Y DI
    2 Seals: 40% Health, 1.75X Mana, 1.6Y DI, 45 Sec CD
    3 Seals: 50% Health, 2X Mana, 1.8Y DI, 50 Sec CD

    Pit Lord Coming Soon

    Talents Coming Soon

    Glyphs Coming Soon

    I need some more time to suss out how the Tank and Heal trees will work, but hopefully I should have them up soon. Would love to hear some feedback. Thank you for your time
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    Sounds pretty cool. I really want this to be a class and have seen may ideas for how it would work. This seems pretty legit though

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    Quote Originally Posted by lotrx View Post
    Sounds pretty cool. I really want this to be a class and have seen may ideas for how it would work. This seems pretty legit though
    Thank you . and I am honored to have your first post. I just wanted to show that there are ways to use Meta, without using Meta. I will be working on the base of the Heal tree, this afternoon, and hope to have preliminary stuff up this evening

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    Awesome, would love to see where you take it.

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    Added first bit of Nathrezim spells

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    wow a demon hunter class! first time i hear of that.
    thats really original man i wonder why no one thought of that before.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MisterMine View Post
    wow a demon hunter class! first time i hear of that.
    thats really original man i wonder why no one tyhought of that before.
    Thank you for the constructive post! I guess you didn't read what I posted, all those words musta been scary, you'll get there though I know ya will! cheers mate

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