View Poll Results: Should Blizzard have kept quiet about Garrosh?

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  • Yes - I would've liked to have found out playing the expansion

    80 76.19%
  • No - with no major bad guys at launch, I wouldn't have stayed

    13 12.38%
  • Garrosh is a bad guy? When did that happen?

    12 11.43%
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    It did kill the suspense a bit, but everyone would've seen it coming anyway by 5.1, if Tides of War didn't make it obvious enough already.

    It was just swapping out one debate for another really; the new Warchief speculation was enjoyable enough. And even then, Gary still has a bunch of people who think he did nothing wrong and wanted to join his side in 5.4.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tilde View Post
    if you can't predict the story in advance you should probably be put out of your misery.
    wow, really? lol... people deserve death for not predicting the story. Harsh much?
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    I don't think it was a "bad" idea per-say, but it wasn't the best idea, in my opinion. It's okay to know the beginning and the end of a story, and play or read to find out the middle. But, I think it would have floored us a lot more to find out the end after knowing how the expansion started. I think this expansion had great storytelling, something I hope they keep going in Warlords, but I also hope they keep the ending to themselves.

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