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    [Mage] H garrosh 25m

    Hey there and thanks for taking thetime to read my posts. Basically my guild has just started on H garrosh and our raidleader said before we started that mages were not going to be used at all even though our top two on the meters every fight are mages. His reasoning was that they dont bring enough Raidwide cooldowns and that locks were simply better than mages. I am wondering if this is correct or not to not use mages at all on Heroic Garrosh. Any help, tips would be helpful and possible counter arguments i could use. All of our mages play fire and i personally believe we have some of the best Single target damage for this fight along with Cleave also so i personally think this is hindering our progression.

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    Well you raid leader is a nincompoop, at this level of stupidity there is nothing you can do.

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    If equal skill and gear Warlock > Mage
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    Well that is a breaking piece of information.
    Ceteris non paribus, are Mage a hindrance to kill Garrosh 25HM? It wasn't on the world first kill, it is certainly not 4-5 months later. It's flabbergasting of stupidity from a raid leader to put Mages on the bench for any R25 fight nowadays (yeah sure, if there are usually 8 Mages in the raid, it is relevant... just saying that in case someone smart would point at such nonsense).
    My RL would say such a thing I would not think twice leaving this monkey-lead raid, making sure I highlight the incompetence and lack of pragmatism.

    Sorry my empathy successfully summoned my inner rage.

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    The time for cutting edge kills is over. By now almost every guild attempting H Garry should be at least 572 ilvl unless you're voodoo jinxed with dogshit for loot. Unless you have an excess of mages or have a ton of shitty players that play mages, you should bench them for anyone not just warlocks.

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    About warlock>mage thingy it's true. But it was relevant in early progression now it's whatever. DPS check on Garrosh 25hc in current gear is irrevelant. We even skip doing second interrmision and still menage to do it in proper time. Maybe just your mages are bad players with bad attitiude whom doesnt deserve to get first kill. Otherwise his decision is based on "minmaxing" when he is late with this for like 3 months.

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    On 10m is really important which cd, stuns, silences you have. On 25m (with the current ilvl close to bis) bring the player, not the class. To think otherwise is just stupid

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    time to gquit. srs
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    I come in somewhere with destro locks and fury warriors on damage on garrosh as fire. I could probably come in near top on boss damage, but I put around 30mil onto desecrated weps by the end of the fight (fire and arcane are great at this), leaving me with around 225mil on boss.

    Another thing to consider is you can mirror image during toes transition and freely AE on the way up to garrosh, if you play your cards right you can get around 20mil damage onto embodied fears. This rivals the amount of damage that fury warriors do with bladestorm there, if you can kill those adds faster raid gets on the boss faster=more boss damage.

    You could help soak malice with ice block in a pinch. Also you have to be really bad to die in annihilate phase as a mage. Full duration ice block, temp shield, cauterize/ginvis etc

    Mages wreck a great many classes at burst DPS during the phase3 lust+burn. I challenge a destro lock to beat fire burst for that segment

    Just a few reasons I can think of.
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    on 25m raid should have more than enough CDs in any random setup - if it is not enough for your guild than your healers sucks we killed 25HC Garrosh with 2 mages 3 SP and bunch of melee (pretty wrong setup in your raidleaders' eyes) it is not setup bassed as Blacfuse for example (most 25HCs aren't setup based - just bring player not class in this stage of the game)

    mages don't have enough AoE for trash on start but we should have one of the best dmg on boss - somebody just looks only on total dmg :sigh:

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