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    It's always something though. In EverQuest it was your AA point total. In FFXI it was your class combo (God help you if you were running something that wasn't high end physical DPS with a /NIN sub).

    People are always picky about who they pug with.

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    You know that before ilvl, gearscore, or even achievements people would just inspect people before inviting, often requiring better gear than was the minimum.

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    Let's say the raid leader of a flex was the captain of a football team. He had to pick from the kids in the playground for who he wanted for his team. Let's say gear translates to build (since being skinnier and more muscly would give you a natural advantage). Let's say playing for another team translated to achievements.

    Would you have a go at the captain for not picking the chubby kids that haven't ever played football before, because they may well be aspiring Ronaldhino's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Banzhe View Post
    A) You can have a player in 560 gear doing 100k output (dps or healer)

    B) You can have another player in 500 gear doing the exact same.

    Without even thinking twice about it, I'd take the lower geared person based on personal experience, that such a player general knows his class better, and 9/10 will have superior awareness to the other player.

    Do Ilvl and achievements hurt pugs? Damn straight it does, people have fooled themselves into thinking either translates into a good player.
    Not that I care really as I don't do pugs at all, sticking to guild runs
    Without ilvl(or even better, gearscore) there is no way to know what to expect from people.
    If you need somebody doing 200k dps, you dont invite somebody with 463 blues

    Biggest problem is when people only invite people outgearing the content A LOT.
    560 ilvl for flex?! If somebody has 560 ilvl, they probably wont need anything from that run, so why should they?
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    If you don't have ilvs and achievements people find other ways.

    Like gearscore.

    If you think somebody is overdoing it with asking for too many achievements or a too high ilv you could always set up your own raid and take anyone along.

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    If you don't agree with the raid leader's requirement, then step up and start your own raid. No one is stopping you.

    Ilvl 550 + achieve might be steep, but that is the raid leader's call. Complaining about it doesn't make much sense. Instead - do something about it. Don't be a backseat driver.

    IMHO - ilvl and achieves are good. They may not tell the entire story, but they are decent indications for a majority of who are puGing. Just like gear was an indication back in vanilla and TBC
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