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    Leveling Questions

    I am currently in wrath (76) and have been destro for the majority of this character's life. I kill everything in 2-3 seconds of my nukes but am expecting change come Cata and MoP questing (due to high mob hp). So, a few questions:

    1) Destro or Affliction better for leveling? (Tried demo, i hate the fluctuating transforming mechanics)
    2) grimoire of sacrifice or supremecy better for which spec?
    3) Which pet is best for dps/questing? I hear a lot of people say voidwalker but do mobs really become dangerous ever?

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    1. Much of Affliction's dps comes from careful DoT management and trinket procs, so Destro is probably better for leveling.
    2. GoSac for destro, GoSup for aff.
    3. If you're able to burst fast enough, felhunter/observer is your best pet for both leveling and raiding. I can only recommend voidwalker when youre fighting a quest boss. Even then, your survival CDs may be enough.
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    Destro is FAR better for late 70+ leveling. Only thing that might come close is DA + imps just due to mobility + instants. Destro has mechanics and spell value/coef that work better and since leveling is all about start/stop dps and aoe (in dungeons) destro wins those even when things are balanced. If you have decent gear you can run gosac as destro but if you are doing it all solo a voidlord sure isn't a bad partner.

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