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    Has any of you geared up both an Ele Shaman and a Mage and liked the Ele better?

    Just wondering if anyone whos actually played both an Ele and a mage at a decent level 2k pluss in 3s and actually likes the ele better.

    why do you like the ele? seems like the mage has so much more control and is so much more mobile why would you pick a ele if you went caster in pvp?


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    I did. First mage, then ele at 2k in MoP. You're quite right; a mage has more control and is more mobile. However, mages are also harder to play well and have more responsibilities in arena. Ultimately, I would probably choose to play my mage instead of my ele, if not for my boredom of mages after having played the class for years.

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    I'm currently leveling a shaman since I've already gotten bored of my mage. I mean, who doesn't want to shoot out gigantic meatballs critting for 80k+ with a 50% chance of proccing another meatball for 40k, back to back?

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