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    Catus reforging help?

    Hellooo.. recent I was finally able to obtain a ReRo trinket... and I've turned to Catus to help me with my gemming and reforging (as anyone should, right?)

    Only issue is, something is off and I cannot figure out what is going on. I thought maybe it was from something where Armory perhaps wasnt updating correctly, but this is what it has done to me today:

    I started off the day with 10868 mastery, 10300 crit, and 10204 haste. I wanted to get my numbers closer, so I used Catus, and did what it told me to do.

    Catus is informing me that my stats should now be 10601 mastery, 10600 haste, 10600 crit. Perfect right? Wrong. I did all the gemming and reforging that I was told to do and my stats instead came out 11213 mastery, 9986 crit, 10206 haste... (with not to mention, WAY too much expertise... Im at like 8.5%)

    So essentially I have just made my stats worse, and I have no idea how to fix them. Please help! What am I doing wrong?

    This also happened to me last night, but I thought maybe I was just too tired so I tried again this morning.. but to no avail.

    Redpawz - Stormrage US

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    I don't have catus installed on this computer (yet!), but there should be a section called something like "Compare"; open that, then click compare to armory. This will list the discrepancies between the catus paperdoll and your actual character.

    It's a good idea to use the compare feature anytime you're trying to match your in-game char up to Catus. You can also take advantage of the Reforgerade and AskMrRobot addon export features; using the AMR addon would make it basically impossible to have this issue.

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    As aggixx described, under "Gear Compare" > (Armory) button will generate you a full report relative to your armory:

    What was the issue BTW? Your reforge appears to be fixed, however it's a bit strange -- I never tried Orange mode on a high-ilvl kitty. The Orange mode can go both ways () -- it can both favor Agility and/or Secondaries. Your reforge has 10 orange gems that are Exp/Secondary, which makes it closer to a Yellow reforge. That said, Red, Orange, and Yellow all sim about the same for your gear with Orange as the best.

    Catus does cache armory information for approximately 30sec. If the issue was old armory data, you can force Catus to pull a new copy by holding down [alt] when you click (Import). Often when I logout in-game (to update my armory before a reforge), I'll do [alt]+(Import) a few times until I see my Catus equipment update.

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