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    Quote Originally Posted by Linkedblade View Post
    Well, with the way the scaling works, I dont see why they couldnt keep the mists challenge modes in game. Just scale the players to that exact level and stats and have at it. The problem is that there is system involved with it. Whose going to care about level 90 content at 100 and why should they leave that residual system in place?
    The issue is that when 6.0 drops people will suddenly have multistrike, readiness and amplify and always be hit/expertise capped and classes will have new mechanics and possibly significantly less CC. They'd have to redesign them which would be a bit pointless because they also announced that they were making level 100 challenge modes.
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    I still fail to see why it's such a bad thing that some things keep exclusivity. CM's aren't even gone yet and the pre-patch hasn't even hit the PTR yet so there's still plenty of time to do them. It's not like they were a month-long event. They've been here since the beginning of the expansion, which is now over a year old. If anything, I wouldn't be surprised if that just end up as something you can catch on the BMAH, if people are really desperate to get them after the expansion's over.
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    At the same time there NEEDS to be SOMETHING that is exclusive instead of becoming outdated. Challenge modes is a nice small niche to fill that spot I'd say since removing meta mounts and tier sets would be too much content removed. ANYONE motivated enough has had plenty of time to get it, it's not RNG based unlike the ZG mounts.

    So...yeah, I like this change. Granted if it had remained, I would have been able to get it on all the toons I want but alas now I'll have to figure out which toons to do them on apart from main.

    Good change, if you can't finish it in time even after having so much of it, then you'll just have to accept that you can't have everything. Just as we all have had to do on certain removed features.
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    I merely wish they let the mounts be account-wide and let you purchase all four of them... I mean, you earned the mounts... why not let you use them?
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    It's extremely rare for them to make things unavailable, and I think it's good that some things are only available for a limited period of time.
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    i agree there is some unfairness in all other legendarys being farmable now except atiesh.
    but challengemodes are still availible, if you dont have them by now you arent trying hard enough. Sure i know it can be a hard to find but once you got a grp of competent ppl they are rly easy to get.

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    A certain amount of prestige is attached to these items and gaining them and it's for the better overall.
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    Be thankful they're no longer removing things that absolutely nobody gets and are really just removing things that anybody could have gotten with effort. Better system than say Gladiator/ToGC mounts if they're going to remove things.
    These sets have been in the game for well over a year and are not hard to obtain.

    To this - I understand why they're being removed and will just live with the fact some of my alts will never get it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duridi View Post
    I don't mind that Blizzard remove rewards that require some effort for their time, but I wish they were consistent about it.
    You and me both. Even when Blizzard is upfront about something they have changed their decision about it.

    It doesnt happen every day, but over the years of Blizzard flip flopping has become off putting.

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    Removing things that required effort at that time is not a problem IMO. Raid achieve/Arena mounts should belong to those that were skilled/dedicated enough to earn them. Challenge mode gear as well.

    Having said that, I think blizz could make it work where such mounts/gear can roll over to the next XPac challenges. If you beat WoD challenges, they could give you a choice to either WoD challenge gear or MoP edition (wouldn't be able to have both). It prevents players from missing out because they didn't/couldn't play an XPac while still earning challenge gear or a Raid achievement/arena mount.

    Players that consistently beat current challenges will still have access to more transmog/mounts and have the FoS/Titles.

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    I think all mounts are titles should be unavailable after the end of that tier. Keeping them around just makes the game so care bear everyone gets a trophy for effort and really cheapens everything.

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    Well, I agree with you somewhat.
    I personally like that some things become unobtainable after a certain period of time. It gives me a greater feeling of "I must go out and get this before it goes away". I like the fact that I have some now unobtainable items.

    I do agree with you about some of the unobtainable mounts though. I mean, most mounts have a low drop chance anyway, which won't change ever. The black and plagued proto drakes being removed was a bit silly IMO.

    However, I think the mounts you get from meta raid achievements should be removed after an expansion ends because after that, it is very easy to go in and faceroll it, which kind of defeats the purpose.
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    I just wish the mounts were account wide that way I'd feel like doing it again with other characters to get the other 3.

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    I can't find anybody to do challenge modes with. My friend sometimes does them but they go for silver at the most, and it usually doesn't end up well. I don't really see a point in making challenge mode stuff unobtainable. The gear scaling will still occur after all, and the same challenge will be there, so I don't really see a reason for it. I mean, if they are discontinuing the challenge modes, why not discontinue proving grounds as well? They're the same thing, just going for achievements and aesthetic stuff. If not discontinue proving grounds, why discontinue these challenge modes? They work with the same gear scaling mechanics after all...

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    Just remove the leaderboards, scale people down to 90 (and don't allow the use of 91+ abilities obviously).
    There's plenty of stuff that was harder to get that was kept in game even though it was now incredibly easy, CMs will still be hard in comparison to, say, farming LK25hc post-Wrath. I have done gold CMs on plenty of characters, I don't see the value in making something relatively easy unavailable going forward.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khalkaroth View Post
    The Black and Plagued Proto-Drake, Corrupted Ashbringer, Old Zul'Gurub mounts, Atiesh... now they remove the challenge mode gear, mounts and, to a certain lesser extend, the title? They said themselves that they hate removing things from the game, they even said that they regretted removing the Naxx meta mounts, but it seems like they don't even listen to themselves.

    They should make all this stuff reavailable but as a very insanely extreme rare drop from somewhere. Either from a bag you get at the end of every dungeons or raid or perhaps even as a near-nonexistent drop from those card packs you get in Hearthstone in the form of loot cards, but hey thats just an idea.

    I was thinking about coming back to this game but this is just turning me off, why should I play this game when that kind of thing will just happen again and again? I mean I'm not playing this game just to see people with these kind of thing in a "you can't have that anymore I have it you don't trollolol" stance. It pissed me off so much when I was only an achivement away from getting the Black Proto-drake, my favorite mount, back when the new version of Naxx came out.

    I'm willing to pay a couple of hundred bucks to get that thing if Blizzard is reading this, I'm serious.

    I agree things like that should be made available again most of the people that did have them quit wow at this point, but the reason they still keep them unobtainable is the very tiny fraction left who have them and think it makes them special. I would guess if others could get them again it would shatter their little worlds to find out they are indeed not special just regular people who play the same game as the rest of us.

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    Yeah or you just stop crying and start doing CM's, and you'll have your mount/title/set.

    How hard could it be today with Openraid and Oqueue-addon and friends?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trollfaced View Post
    Yeah or you just stop crying and start doing CM's, and you'll have your mount/title/set.
    Until you decide to play another character.

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    Aand then you do the CM's on that one as well? No real problem presented there either is it?

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    I think they regretted removing the Naxx mounts because they removed them so early, lots of people were barely even halfway through before they were gone.

    Its not a bad thing to have trophies from the past, if the game is so shit that Blizzard cant inspire you with current content then something deeper must be up. Thats why I consider the BMAH an admission of failure. People want old sets so bad they had to make a shop for it.

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