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  • Rebuilt Gilneas

    55 47.41%
  • Rebuilt Theramore

    8 6.90%
  • Rebuilt Stromgarde

    22 18.97%
  • Kul'Tiras

    15 12.93%
  • Other

    16 13.79%
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    If we could have a new alliance city...

    Which would you want it to be?

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    Gilneas City

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    If I would still play Alliance, make Ironforge alliance headquarters again and significantly revamp it for higher appeal
    True, but the difference is that in GTA3 you're only shooting (and robbing, murdering, having sex with, etc) pixels. In WOW you get the pleasure of dealing with some of the most despicable human behaviour you'll ever witness.

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    By Gilneas, I meant Gilneas City, though if this were to happen, I am sure the surrounding zone, which is currently completely empty, would be used for something.

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    Actually been thinking on this, and it will sit on what is now Theramore, although it will not be Theramore. If you think about it Jaina is the leader of Theramore and the Leader of Dalaran, in the Lore she has kicked the Horde out of Dalaran and her city she built is now gone, the only reason that Dalaran was in the North was to fight the war against the Litch Kick and the Blue Dragon flight, all that is over now. Time to Land Dalaran. there is a Crater in Theramore.

    For the level 70-80 questing in the Area they can add a contingent on the ground where Dalaran was.

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    I love the architecture of Gilneas, but was pretty bummed that you never got to see it anywhere else. I would love for it to be revived.

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    I'd love to see Stromgarde rebuilt

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    What the hell did the Gnomes do to you Speech?! We've been calling for Gnomey to be rebuilt long before the Wogren came into the picture, and certainly before Theramore went boom


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    dont need a new one, Just a reason to go back to Ironforge.
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    Gilneas, for sure. Stromgarde would be a close second, but it's nowhere near the size of a real city. I thought Gilneas looked so awesome in game and was very disappointed when I found out you pretty much abandon it (Alliance side, anyway) after the initial Worgen quests. I'm really hoping that Varian's "We need to take the fight to the Forsaken!" speech he gave after Siege of Orgrimmar means something good for Gilneas.

    To be honest, I'd rather have Southshore back than anything. Sylvanas can cram Gilneas up her ass for all I care, if that means we get Southshore restored in return. Of all the pre-Cataclysm stuff in the game, old Southshore is what I miss the most. Nice fishing village > toxic waste dump.

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    I'd rather they used the existing cities more, rather than have Stormwind as the centre for just about everything ><

    However, once they've put portals, pvp vendors, etc, in the other cities, then it'd be nice to see Theramore rebuilt.

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    I voted Gilneas. Stromgarde would be cool and all, but it's never really been a personal favourite of mine and it's more the right size for a Theramore type settlement than an official capital.
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    Tinkercity. On some new location.

    Kinda the one at the blades edge or the airstrip in borean. Just 20 times bigger.

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    Definitely Gilneas. I know I'm not the only one thinking there should be an Alliance presence in Lordaeron.

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    While I admit I like Stromgarde, I'll chose Gilneas, it's more awesome and it's not a random boring human city.

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    Not something that will remind me of humans, that's for sure. Too much already.

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    Gilneas would be awesome.

    I'm sure Greymane Stoutmantle would agree.

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    Just give all capitals the same that SW has, that way people can spent it in any city they want with people who enjoy the same enviroment. Making friends with people with the interests in you is a good start to get to community a community again

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    I kinda like Gilneas. I did play as a worgen thru most of cataclysm. The city is just too well done not to use.

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