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    No no no no no to leveling dungeons being harder. It's going to be 100 levels with WoD, Leveling has to be easy or bring CC back but let us get double or triple XP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by anaxie View Post
    Source:? I'd hope so. I did it but the whole timed thing turns me off and makes me not even care to sell it since your investment could become much larger if things go wrong... repeatedly.... ugh.
    "The developers realize that there is still an audience for Burning Crusade level difficulty Heroic dungeons. Challenge modes were designed to be harder content, but the focus is on speed and not as much on having to use as much CC, so they don't capture the essence of Burning Crusade era Heroics."

    they released timed runs were bad because they didnt capture what people wanted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkvoltinx View Post
    there was something a week or 2 ago. blizzard admitted that the timed runs were a bad idea, people wanted challenge not timed speed. so they plan is to remove the timer and up the challenge of challenge modes.
    They never said it was a bad idea. They just didn't capture the full audience they were looking for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haywire5714 View Post
    Why do people want cc to be a part of dungeons? I doesn't make it harder, it just makes it take way longer.
    Crowd Control takes coordination which takes skill. Your ability to react when it fails takes skill. It requires a larger range of abilities and counters to mob abilities. It takes more communication. It does make it longer, but currently the dungeons take less than 10 minutes to complete. I hit 90 and heroics go twice as fast as normals did.

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