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    I definitely believe perks should be baseline and that they were a bad idea to begin with. Guild levels are a serious impediment to new guild formation. For example, rather than forming a new guild, groups looking to form a raiding guild buy out an existing level 25 guild for huge gold then rename it via Blizzard services, because no one will ever take an invitation from a sub-25 guild seriously.

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    I disagree. All they need to do is make it so that you don't get to benefit from the perks until you rise in guild reputation. Problem solved.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Baracuda View Post
    Guild perks forced me to be in a guild and put guild chat in separate tab I never open. Before Guild Perks I was guildless for several years.
    So, things that didn't exist before, forced you to be in a guild when they still wouldn't exists if you never joined a guild.

    You're just so full it because in no way did guild perks force you to join a guild.

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