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    demo needs more attention

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    Single fix = DA now allows going into meta with no DF loss (this would solve most of demo's problems in pvp)
    Better more complex fix = imp glyph at 5 imps again, 2 min fixed CD, no longer interacts with nuke based imp generation...fel flame refunds 80% mana cost when striking player targets...chaoswave now always crits/scales with crit...glyph of soulfire = soulfire now costs 2x MC charges but is instant (obv pvp only glyph).
    PVE fix = buff ToC slightly, revert imps damage nerf (now that ulvs is not relevant and separately nerfed), or buff nuke based imp generation.
    Longterm pve fix = remove corruption, buff DF generation from shadowflame/shadowbolt/FF, extend shadowflame's duration 6'ish seconds.

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    Demo is fine imo, if you aren't done with progress already, I doubt you need to play the absolute highest dmg spec because the execution is far more important anyway with the gear everyone have. Blackfuse is one of the few times I would never play anything but destro on because aoe on mines from a safe distance on demand with a slow attached to it.

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    demo is just fine if played correctly, even compared to afflic/destro but ofc there will be fights where afflic/destro is just plain better, atleast ppl like shinafae and zinnin doesnt seem to have trouble with supposedly lacking in dps, but that doesnt mean they cant revert the immolation aura or wild imp nerf but i wouldnt expect anything to happen until 6.0 patch anyway as they have already said they wont touch the specs at this junction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crunk View Post
    do you guys seriously not understand how absurd it is to ask blizzard to take time out of their day to make demo OP just because you already have 2 OP specs but would rather RP as illidan in seige of orgrimmar or some shit?
    Actually it would just require to revert the latest change made to the spec which was nerfing Imp damage by 30%.
    At the end of 5.2, demo was a bit ahead of other specs because of the Lei Shen trinket. It was also more difficult to play.
    The trinket was so powerful they had to nerf it or it would have stayed BiS during the whole patch. The problem is that they also nerfed Imp damage at the same time, while there was no reason to. With UVLS, Imps represented 30% of the warlock dps and were the first source of DPS on some fight, but with this trinket done, this figure would have dropped to 10%. My guess is that the two changes were decided as two exclusive solutions but were finally applied together.

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