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    Vanessa Vancleef. I worry she'd poison me one day though.

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    I'm gonna say... *Imagination wanders off into wildly inappropriate fantasy*

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    Stonemother Therazane rocks my world!

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    My succubbus for sure. I know, that's wrong.
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    Chromie! She's adorable and she's a bookworm. Also, time powers would be pretty damn handy to have at my disposal!

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    High Inquisitor Sally Whitemane

    I bet the S&M sex would be white hot LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by Agoonga View Post
    Stonemother Therazane rocks my world!
    Your Stonemother is so fat, she's got her own faction.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vvulf View Post
    Your Stonemother is so fat, she's got her own faction.

    *Wondrous applause*
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    My own charcter, I would f... the sh... out of her brains.

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    If i was going to stick to humanish characters, I suppose Anduin is the most realistic choice. Varian would be too emotional and i do not like angry sex. I suppose Turalyon has a reasonable temperament and it a paladin so he probably has quite a nice body but we dont really know what he looks like that well. I would consider Thrall or Rexxar if I were to be more adventurous, but then I would prefer not to be crushed by every embrace. I certainly dont mind the appearance of the average night elf, but both illidan and malfurion are... Unsuitable in their own ways. (I dont want to be burned by hellfire or get a feather in my eye every few minutes).

    Dont understand how someone could find a cold, rotting corpse enjoyable to touch, and do not like any undeads. Blood elves are a bit feminine for my tastes, and Tauren are too large and too furry, also I am not sure how the anatomy of that coupling could even work. Gnomes are a no go, but I could settle for a particularly handsome dwarf. They are sadly not numerous

    As much as he is an awfully made character, i think i would go with med'an.

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    I just realised that dragons can take on any mortal form so i would ho with kalecgos, and I can have whoever i feel like having at the time.
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