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    Quote Originally Posted by Zheo View Post
    For all you haters and troll accusers, here's a screenshot of it.
    This is why you give people the benefit of the doubt. A lot of people have egg on their face because of their own pride. Sad.

    Thanks for the screen shot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Winter Blossom View Post
    I'd pay the $60 if I wanted one.
    Well thats you, to some of us, thats alot of money.. for a service that we dont really need.

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    It looks like something has appeared for a few people, yes.

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    so much for my post saying it logically had to be less than $40 because now i can just buy battlechest for $10 and RAF myself to 85 in 24 hours real time. Who wants to spend another $50 for 5 levels.

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    $60 is fair. I was guessing 50 myself.
    Think about it this way; why would you have a 90 boost cost about the same as a race change or server transfer? Everyone would just roll new characters and call it good if they wanted to change something.

    Just think about the time involved In leveling a toon to 90. How many hours does it take of playtime together to 90, probably more than a couple days of gameplay for most people. If you make that an hourly rate, you're paying like $1.6 an hour for a 96 hour leveling experience. And you get it instantly!!

    I think that $60 is COMPLETELY fair.

    On top of that, if you were never gonna use it, don't complain!
    This service was designed for people that would use it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cleric622 View Post
    Told you!
    On a serious note, as a big fan and supporter of blizzard.....this is an absurd price
    I dont think its an absurd price at all. $60 sounds fair for a full boost from 1-90.

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    more than i expected but not unreasonable for the service it provides.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaylock View Post
    We need some sort of way to see if the character has been boosted to 90 through the paid service so we know who to vote kick in our dungeons.
    Jaylock, look!'s a guy wearing a store helm! Go get him!

    Cool, now that's he's gone.....

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    $60 is the perfect price, if it is indeed true. It's really over priced which actually forces people into a decision, do I want to sit and level or do I want to just skip it all and fork out the cash. Majority will actually think about it now instead of just buy 90's left and right.

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    It makes sense. If you were to do it the hard way:

    1) Buy battlechest for 10
    2) Buy WoD for 39.99
    3) Buy 2 months to activate the account for 30
    4) Transfer character to new account for 25

    It would cost a ton more. Surely they won't make the separate service much cheaper?
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    The pricing makes sense..

    Of course I think it's too expensive but it does make sense.

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    some other stuff i can't remember eh

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    Are people really complaining about this? $60 for a 90? That's a bargain.

    Please raise your hand if you have a job (or don't think $60 is a lot of money for what's being offered...).

    P.S. I have at least 10 90s last I checked so yes I've been there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Winter Blossom View Post
    I'd pay the $60 if I wanted one.
    Yep. If I'd ever intend to play a new char, I'd probably buy it too. After having bought at least 70 character services so far, I'm beyond hope anyway.

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    And people will buy it. : (
    Classic servers are silly.

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    looks like im lvling my priest and saving the free boost for future new class.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reds4Life View Post
    It is $60. I'm a Blizzard "fanboy" and this is way too expensive. That is more expensive than the cost of the Xpac. Thankfully I only need a Rogue to have every class above 87.
    Of course it's more expensive than WoD alone, because you would have to buy the Battlechest, MoP, WoD and the character transfer to bring that char to your old account. They already said that they are doing this because people would do exactly that to get more boosts, this is just to make it easier than creating all those new accounts.

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    can is it the preorder price?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaylock View Post
    Thats a week or two of not having to drudge through the same crap you have already done on possibly several toons.
    If they stock you up with 553 gear we might have a deal going but that is only might. at 483 crap you get a useless 90 that still is months of farming timeless coins away from even be able to do flex 1.

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    I prefer this price. It makes it expensive enough that most people aren't going to blow $660+ to get 11 characters to 90 but it's still in the price range for someone who just can't stand to level that final alt.

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