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    Quote Originally Posted by Milch View Post
    Not to mention it does not provide max professions/gold/mounts etc. And it is right around the corner for having to level that 90 to 100.
    Exactly. The people crying about this are being completely over dramatic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mcaffee View Post
    Uhm not sure if anyone has noticed this as I didn't read through all 9 pages but you get a free 90 when you buy the expac and this service will let you buy an additional 90 for $60 but why not just buy another expac copy????
    I mean I just googled it and MoP standard on release was $39.99 and I doubt they will increase that price by $20 for WoD as this would be insane and people will complain or just not buy it at all.
    cuz you need to buy the other expansions as well plus the transfer fee, unless you want to pay the sub for Two or more accounts which is what Blizz is trying to avoid

    Last I checked you cannot just buy Mists of Pandaria without the other expansions first

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    Going to copy my response from an other thread to show how much of a disappointed customer I am.

    More and more items/services are being added to the store, and the speed of items being added to the store has only increased over the years. Now we're getting new shit added to store almost every month. And now we're also getting instant level 90's that cost 60$ / 50€.

    WoW has around 7 million active players (5 million less than WotLK) and Bli$$ard needs to make up the lost money. They do that by being greedy dicks and acting very desperate. They also do it by releasing a new mount for the shop every once in a while (which actually look better than most in-game mounts, cause in-game mounts are just lazy re-skinned mounts, for example the mount you get after you obtained 200 mounts. It's a complete pathetic re-skin, and that's not the only re-skin there is. Challenge Mode Silver also has re-skinned Hippogriphs, while the Shop has awesome, fearsome looking beasts that look very epic... but guess what? €20.) They're also adding Shop buttons everywhere begging for you to click on them. Oh my, one of them even has a gold bar around it for instant level 90, because hey, it's obvious that not all players were aware of the shop yet, and Taepsilium (whatever his name is) literally said they want EVERYONE to know about the shop.

    Yes, that were his actual words. It's fucking disgusting to say the least.

    EVERYONE is aware of the shop. It's on the Bnet launcher, it's on the website, there are advertisements. And I even get E-mails from Blizzard, and the latest E-mail I got was about the Iron Skyreaver asking me to buy it. It's so pathetic. And even for people that like the shop, they only buy something once and never click on it ever again. There are also a lot of people who enjoy LFR and the recent Raid Finder tool that includes Ordos and Celestials. But you don't see 3 buttons for that, you don't see advertisements, you don't see it on the website, and you don't get E-mails, now do you? Instead, the recent Raid Finer tool is hidden away in the Social panel and requires you to dig through a few menu's.

    And now the paid level 90's will cost 60$ / 50€ and Blizzard will not revert these changes. Incoming in WoD: Garrison architecture for ~40 bucks and crap like that.

    How low this company has fallen. Guess you just had to follow EA and other companies who inject money into their veins every day.


    Anyone who's complaining about the $60 price is retarded.
    What a well thought of and such a nice response. As usual, the Blizzard Defence Force is at work here in this thread. Any posts that give criticism or any sort of negativity or even pessimism, and they will insult you with their usual bullcrap.

    I'm done here.

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    Way to much. It is more than a realm transfer plus faction change.

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    I'm actually pleasantly surprised that it's this expensive, I've said in the past (and I'll stick to it) that IF Blizzard decides to launch a bunch of "luxury" effects (like level boosts) or extremely iconic transmog items / mounts should be made exclusive with a (very) steep cost. I buyed Spectral Tiger (and several other TCG items on Ebay, including tabards) and if Blizzard goes into selling those themselves (or similar items) then there's going to be unlimited availability to them so unless you want to see everyone run around with specialty mounts (like every single store mount so far) the prices has to be high (even higher than this level boost). And before you start yelling and shouting "Oh cash grab!" "This is the start of the end!" "Sky is falling, ESO is the wow killer" (it really isn't)... 60$ for a boost to 90 (which doesn't mean you'll see a lvl 100 boost when WoD just releases). IF, and only if, we see a lvl 100 boost it's going to be when WoD essentially is over. You won't see a lvl 100 boost at launch!

    Keep in mind that you still get a lvl 90 boost with WoD CE, maybe this is going to be something for every CE in the future to allow old players to come back to an expansion and actually participate with the new expansion instead of having to spend a couple weeks before to "get ready". One of the biggest drawbacks to any MMO is that it's extremely hard to get into: Expensive, monthly fee, having to play for a few weeks before you can play with your friends (or find people/friends to play with).

    This 60$ lvl 90 boost is (my guess anyways) additional boosts outside the CE version, this is a perfectly fine pricing if you ask me. Am I going to buy it? No, I'll stick with my CE once boost. I'm not much of an alt person and IF I were then I'd level it myself, this (imo) is specifically for those who has more money than time to level alts. | Recruiting exceptional players!

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    Hmm. Food for a week, 5 million games off Steam, or a level 90 that would cost 15 dollars to manually level in a month.

    Decisions, decisions...

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    Quote Originally Posted by DSRilk View Post
    By lazy, do you mean people with demanding full time jobs and families that want to try out a higher level character, but who have far more money than free time? Take, for example, a father who works 40-50 hours a week, coaches soccer for his daughter, volunteers at the local PTO and food pantry, but would like to play with his son who already has a level 90? Perhaps your definition of lazy is different than mine...
    Perhaps your definition of playing a game is different than what it should be. Leveling is part of the game too. Father wants to play with his son? Son makes a lvl 1 and they start together. There.

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    I was worried it would be a crappy 20 bucks, but this is great.

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    Please don't do this!

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    seems legit. Sold.
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    Good pricing. Boosting to 90 should be discouraged. But if someone really, really, really wants to avoid the leveling part of the game, sure; 60 bucks. Well done.

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    People are only happy about this change because they want people to level to 90 by themselves.
    I was looking forward to using this feature on my priest, but It's just too damn expensive. I'll pass on getting another alt to 90, no way I'll ever do another quest under level 90.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xilurm View Post
    Perhaps your definition of playing a game is different than what it should be. Leveling is part of the game too. Father wants to play with his son? Son makes a lvl 1 and they start together. There.
    Whoa now. That's logic and it's not acceptable around these parts.

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    And i thought 5 $ would be maybe ok... 60$ NO WAY :P

    Takes 3 days to level 1-90 :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by derpkitteh View Post
    fuck them. 60 is waaay too much. guess i'll cancel until it's lowered.
    LOL. you know you could actually level another character instead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkTZeratul View Post
    Yes, which is actually why this service even exists: because Blizzard is well-aware that some people will simply buy a second copy of the game and expansion, make a brand-new 90 on a fresh account, and then merge it over to their main account, and figured that it's better to streamline the process than prevent it.

    So, since the sole reason for offering the service was because people would just buy the expansion pack on a new account and merge their newly-90 character over, I see nothing wrong with pricing it equivalent to buying a new copy of the game + WoD.
    Good point, why should Blizzard make something that is more convenient cheaper

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    Can I just add that its pathetic how your all screaming for lower prices and how Blizzard is bad / ect, but your totally fine with the fact you can buy characters in a freaking MMORPG.

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    People are unsubbing because other people might spend money. I love this game.
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    I am glad it is going to be fairly expensive to buy a level boost.
    If the boost comes with professions boosted as well- I'll be purchasing at least one of these.
    Why? Because I already have my main, and at age 40, having played this game for 9 years now- I just don't want to take time away from my real life to level yet another character. All my alts support my main, that's how I roll.
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